Who is the female vocal equivalent of Morgan Freeman?

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  1. I'm Child Free. My family is like you need someone to take care of you in your old age.

  2. OP didn't buy the big salad. I'm the one that bought the big salad. If you buy a big salad for somebody it would be nice if they knew it.

  3. “if you aren’t in a committed relationship this kind of question has to be asked?”

  4. 'Elaine's dancing' you mean the hands and legs . . That aint dancing Sally Superb work OP

  5. Nope bro, I just found new plug in my city 😋

  6. Bro all of you posting this beautiful greens while I can’t score shit in this shitty state making me furious :’(

  7. Hi, I'm also planning to buy the same unit. Have you tried photo or video editing? How was it?

  8. Hey sorry for the late response. No I never used it for video editing, i mostly use it with data heavy experiments. But overall it's a really good laptop.

  9. I had two contacts. One has closed his number (maybe permanently) other has been making excuses for a month. 8 honestly want to leave the city for Delhi, but the weather and pollution is stopping me.

  10. Bro it’s season for fresh pot, you are getting old seasons pressed score. Try asking your dealer for fresh weed, tell him you will pay extra.

  11. Something is wrong in Hyd. The stuff my dealer gave is nothing but seeds and 0 high, paid 1.8k, how do i find a new dealer?

  12. Not at all my friend. I'll leave the lying to Costanza.

  13. He just really likes lava lamps, he didn't know thar it would effect the turtle and that he could switch it out later. It is bad that he didn't tell us.

  14. Do we really know what others have categorised us as or is it just us categorising others based on an assumption of what they might have categorised us as.

  15. I didn’t go inside. I had an appointment in Nakatomi Plaza

  16. SRK's stardom is older than IPL so I guess people will watch pathaan. I am not a super big fan of SRK but I am still excited to see him back on the big screen.

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