1. You mean if Germany was a country with heavy seismic activity it would have had properly constructed buildings that could withstand most tremors. Because countries that don’t have earthquakes don’t apply norms meant to specifically protect from heavy earthquakes.

  2. The german building requirements are far stricter and cutting corners is far more difficult, so I’d go out on a limb to say that they could withstand far more than many of the haphazardly built buildings in the near East.

  3. i can assure you that that isn't the case. thats not how engineering works.

  4. Well then i think your knowledge about engineering is probably not even worth the megabyte that carried this comment.

  5. Ha nem teljesíted az elvárásokat nem kapsz diplomát, nem volt titok hogy a nyelvvizsga egy elvárás, vessenek magukra.

  6. A többség nem teljesíti az elvárásokat, nem beszél/ír középfokú szinten a diploma kézhezvételekor. Miért igazságosabb nekik kiadni mint a többieknek?

  7. A diploma nem egy részvételi díj, nincs kegyelem pluszpont, egyetem az nem általános iskola ahol a tanár néni pluszpontot ad hogy meg legyen az ötös.

  8. I‘d recommend learning cursive as writing in block letters is something uniquely American, otherwise it’s nice.

  9. Not really, people overwhelmingly said 4 times in a row that he should stay…

  10. Buying rural votes with sacks of potatoes and flour pays off.

  11. That dude can play anyone, from bounty hunter to lovable family dad, no role is too difficult for him.

  12. Just brainwashed by American propaganda.

  13. Even my grandpa who was born in a country going through a era of hardcore socialism knows that China is as far from a democracy as it gets.

  14. Interesting, in the US cash for government services is basically required. The government can't force you to do business with a private bank to receive a government service.

  15. Carrying cash is just a nuisance, since our government mandated every place to have card terminals i never run around with cash.

  16. Honestly, even with some places trying to cheat their way out of buying terminals with excuses such as „it broke“ or „we’re waiting on it“ i only needed cash perhaps twice when going to any normal business/pub/club since it was implemented 3 years ago.

  17. American here. Do you guys really measure your liquids in meters? Cuz if so, the metric system is far more complex than originally advertised

  18. No, we measure it on a logarithmic scale.

  19. Whether the cyclists are right or wrong… fuck this cop and his straight D’s in high school getting ass. ACAB

  20. Fuck him because he doesn’t just let cyclists break traffic rules or because he singled out the smartass?

  21. He seems to think drivers are accidentally leaning on their horns around cyclists? How fucking delusional is he?

  22. He probably didn’t want to say that people honking because they’re inconsiderate asshole who think that traffic rules don’t apply to them.

  23. That god sounds like he belongs in a psychiatric ward.

  24. They are on backorder already, who else would make German cars?

  25. Some would think that’s a joke but german car manufacturers are crucial for multiple cities, Györ (Raab) for example is almost completely focused around the Audi factory, to an extent were the local engineering university is mainly training future Audi personal.

  26. The state mandated minimum is 1,333 per year per couple, a bit more in leap years.

  27. We’ll but it’s not once a year. For example, spring is coming up so, so I plan on getting landscaping materials (plants, flowers, veggies) for my garden. I plan on also better organizing my garage so I plan on getting materials to have better storage and shelving in my shed and garage. My whole point is delivery and installation of projects is never an issue for me. I don’t worry about asking a buddy for a flatbed, or renting a truck; that’s just more cost. Don’t get me wrong - there are plenty of pickup owners that don’t put their vehicle to good use; they just like the look and feel of owning a large pickup. I’m not one of these owners.

  28. I don’t know, none of that feels like reason to drive a pickup all year long, of course you do you, but we used our flatbed truck perhaps a combined 6 times last year. And that already includes all yard work, operating a wine cellar and helping out friends.

  29. For me, it really is more about convenience that anything else, and plus it’s my daily driver. For reference, my pickup gets about 6 to 7 km/L. It would be nice to have a hybrid pickup or all electric - hopefully some day .

  30. Well that’s quite poor performance if you don’t mind me saying, my Mini gets 16km/l even our bmw X3 averaged 13km/l. But i guess since fuel is cheaper in the US that’s not a big problem.

  31. I was in the same boat. I resolved my situation by turning 18 and buying one.

  32. Did the same. They still ask after years when I’ll get rid of it.

  33. And then US took over and babysit it to this day. Not really neutral now though since they joined NATO

  34. You make it sound like an unwanted chore when in reality Iceland is crucial if NATO wants to keep the northeast Atlantic in check and not let the Russian navy roam around free.

  35. Where did I make it sound like that? Ofcourse US wants to control Iceland and it's waters. It is important for US to box in Russia in the Arctic and stopping it's subs before it comes anywhere near US

  36. Your comment made it sound like its a nuisance, but im glad we’re on the same page.

  37. There's been insects in the food chain longer than that. Source: I keep bees

  38. There’s a lot of insects even in a things you drink.

  39. It sure is funded by someone. I want to know the truth, not some propaganda to make themselve look better. If that index is truthful, then I would accept it. But at first I have to know if it is saying the truth. This is skepticism.

  40. Dude, international statistics are made with data the governments publish, it’s literally data published by the Russian government.

  41. When you have it, please post the link, I want to see it for myself. I know how much the west is lying stupidly about Russia, that's why I'm extremely sceptical about stuff like that.

  42. There’s not much to lie about when Russia and the EU share a border, it was pretty easy to compare.

  43. You’d think that with all the knowledge available just a single google search away people would stop pulling shit out of thin air, but here you are to prove the contrary.

  44. You think the comedian who taught his dog to nazi solute is a fascist?

  45. Nah. But those Americans who march around with swastikas, screaming racist obscenities definitely are.

  46. You realize that there’s like 400 of those people right? Outta 330mil people.

  47. Even you don’t believe that there’s only 400.

  48. The "a" sound in hungarian is kind of rare in other languages. The "gy" is not but it's perfect to annoy english monolingual speakers.

  49. I mean just as challenging for all Western Europeans are „e“ vs „é“, „ny“, „ty“, „sz“ vs „zs“ and of course „j“ vs „ly“ and probably a couple more.

  50. Please don’t generalise white people as if all us worldwide were as brain dead and ignorant to our own history as many republicans in the US.

  51. And it won't be just Tesla, other companies are already copying this and running subscription models for remote start, apple carplay, heated seats, etc.

  52. There’s more to it then just trying earn an extra buck, the biggest interest is saving money by making supply chains slimmer.

  53. People stop all the time on the highway. A blown out tire, random trash, fender bender... its up to drivers to be aware and cautious at all times.

  54. You’re aware that you’re only supposed to stop on the shoulder if you’re having problems or is this somehow different on American highways?

  55. On the 401 in Canada daily. There is always shit in the middle of the lanes. But the tesla shouldn't have just randomly stopped like that. Bad programming i guess

  56. In most of Europe you’d probably get a hefty fine for obstruction of traffic and other things unless moving to the shoulder is not feasible for some reason.

  57. How does anyone actually like brutalist architecture?

  58. To put it bluntly, Musk took everything that made mass transit effective and removed it.

  59. В советской России каждая машина грузовая машина.

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