1. You're smoking crack. That's what ur doing wrong. That shit is too much money for such a short high. And duration aside. How it makes you crave more so much almost immediately after that short high is over. Then you're spending more and more all night. Usually till what you have is gone.

  2. Y are you asking strangers how much of a drug you should take. A. Do some research. B. You gotta just know yourself and what you can and cannot handle. That number changes from person to person drug to drug.

  3. Super illegal huh? Went from just snooping to super illegal. That can mean so many different things. And those things prob change the risk you're taking. Say If u were trying to buy some recreational products, super illegal. You probably don't have much to worry about. But if you are trying to do something like watch videos you shouldn't be watching or shouldn't exist for thatvmatter, super illegal than id say it's only a matter of time for u

  4. I used to be a daily user last year I went through 350 grams of ketamine and I’ve never had to use more than one gram per night so if it’s your first time I don’t even know why you’d consider using that much.

  5. He shouldn't have to. It's your responsibility to at least know the basics b4 you go out and purchase a drug you intended to put inside you. The plug Def doesn't need to be giving ket 101 lectures. It's your body and your life. That should never be in someone else's hands

  6. It is nearly impossible to overdose on ketamine. It’s used in surgical procedures at very large doses.

  7. It will work in the sense you can put dmt in it and hit button and vapor will appear in that globe which you can blast off with. But it's far from your most efficient option

  8. One of the least harsh ways to me is dabbing it. Even though you get the whole dose all in one hit. You'd think that might be harder to take and hold it in. And idk the science behind y but in my experience it's way easier

  9. What do you mean. If you found somewhere that told you all the ingredients you can easily find what to do with them. It's probably from same place that told you what to get. And if not it's not some privileged information you have to know someone who knows someone. Google that shit

  10. Hard-core? Like which with fuck your body up more? Or which will make you look like more of a bad ass to other people

  11. Right. Lazy people. How about we do the extraction 4 u and send you the stuff at the end. For real though. What crazy is instead of maybe 10 min tops of searching and reading some people would rather ask on reddit. Wait hours and just go with whatever answer they get. Right or wrong. They don't kno

  12. I was just playing retail versions. It might be that stupid thing that Dev mode has where when u try to exit dev mode you have to uncheck that box everytime or it erases your apps

  13. And you had crystals to begin with? I'd say it's a good bet if they haven't crashed out after 24 hours they aren't going to. Is your freezer cold enough? And if you had crystal and poured clean solvent over them. They r still in there. I'd say evap your solvent. They'll show up then

  14. If you do a really slow evap you'll get large crystals

  15. You know who doesn't like American cheese..... terrorists. Thats who!!!!

  16. I just fully evap it everytime. I don't use freeze precip way at all anymore. Think about it maybe. If condensation is a problem. Or you can get Pyrex Glass containers with snap on airtight lids at Walmart for like $10

  17. There's no chart that says this much is OK and this much isn't. It's a person to person basis. And what might b OK now 4 u. Won't always be. My point is. Way too many variables to give u real answer.

  18. You mean in place of a regular dab rig? If so. Idk. Not saying that thing isn't good and probably will totally give you good hits. I just never felt like e dab rigs aren't really that similar as reg kind. As far as the hits feel. This is just me personally. I've tried a lot of different ones. And they're awesome in their own way. I've just never experienced the same feeling as heating that nail up with a torch and dropping your dose in instantly vaporizing it all clean

  19. Alphabay is gone and idk about world market. I've been using dark web marketplaces for a couple years and never seen it. I've heard of it but thats it. Probably been gone

  20. You know what you are doing but have no idea where to look

  21. That's what I'm saying. The fact you're asking on reddit screams I don't kno what I'm doing

  22. What does temperature have to do with that at all

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