1. I got bit in the face by a ferret. It was about the same size as a Chihuahua.

  2. Don’t ferrets have pointy ass teeth? Chi teeth are t as point are they?

  3. A guy in Virginia died from being attached to a pit bull. It refused to get off the subway, the doors closed on the leash, and the guy was dragged to his death when the subway started moving.

  4. Um, excuse me? How did a service animal wearing a service animal vest not understand to get off the train with its owner?

  5. can anyone tell me whats wrong with my jalapeno plant? i havent seen any flowering or growth of the plant, and the peppers already blooming have stopped growing since this has started. the leaves are all mutilated/curled, as well as black spots all over the leaves, mostly under them. the spots have also spread to the pedicel of the peppers and the stem of the plant itself. i have sat here multiple times trying to find bugs or pests and everytime i find nothing. i couldnt figure out the problem so i started spraying it with neem oil about once a week, just incase. i just noticed today 2 brand new leaves at the bottom of the plant, which you can see in the pictures. there are also a few new shoots growing towards the top of the plant. this is the first sign of growth ive seen in months, so im thinking maybe there WAS a pest afterall. any insight or tips would be helpful, thanks.

  6. I can see the white casings of spider mites on the leaves that you posted. I never liked neem oil, but if it's working for you, go at it. Keep inspecting the new leaves for mites, look for webbing, the insects themselves, and the casings, like the white stuff on the leaves here:

  7. I was unde the impression Costco had more boxes than it knew what to do with. It would be inconvenient to take the ones you have at the register but isn’t there like a giant cart somewhere full of boxes headed to the baler?

  8. They do. But the ones under the tills are for members who want them while packing. Anyone who wants cardboard can grab boxes throughout the store. I saw an elderly couple that loved the small boxes that the fish tins and flat cardboard. No one stopped them when they walked out with more cardboard than groceries. I also see people picking boxes off the flatbeds and staff don't seem to have a problem with it. Less work for them I guess.

  9. First off, can y’all even tell what this is supposed to be? Lol I’m like 50/50 on it. (It’s mosaic crochet on a hat, idk if that helps)

  10. I thought bat right away. Lisa Frank not really since there's a lot of black. I still really like it how it is though!

  11. The care I have been giving : Water once a week , is right beside the window for full sunlight ***

  12. What's your growing zone? Almost all pines need to be outside. They need that cool/cold/warm/hot temperature fluctuations that the seasons give, something very difficult to achieve inside. These guys like cool, but not cold winters, a 7a zone or above.

  13. Stuff like this need to be banned. It’s so unpractical and useless. Only going end up in a landfill.

  14. Maybe have an environmental fee tacked on like they do with other items? Or, if I had a magic wand, everything would be bio degradable or 100% recyclable. If not, the company that produces has full responsibility on properly disposing it. (That's including return shipping paid by said company.)

  15. It’s a good idea, then the fee can be funnelled into green projects. We unfortunately don’t have a magic wand. It’s the responsibility of both consumers and manufacturers to be responsible.

  16. While I agree, it's difficult when some manufacturers disregard consumer wants. (Looking at you Apple, for removing the headphone jack on phones, or changing to to USB-C, Samsung bricking older phones with OS updates, manufacturers purposefully designing products to be unfixable, forced obsolescence, etc.. You can tell this is a bit dear to my heart, lol...)

  17. These trees are pre historic. I believe they're the oldest tree's. The flowers are so large for large bugs and insects to pollinate.

  18. Ginkgo biloba is also a living fossil and is the only living connection between ferns and conifers.

  19. doesnt make sense though, there are no lights for the cars how does that make sense

  20. She crossed at a crosswalk were the lights were behind the dash cam vehicle. A bus goes the opposite way just before the oncoming bus, so either both buses ran a yellow/red or she really doesn't pay attention.

  21. I planted one last year but the buds fell off likely due to transplant shock. It has buds now I can't wait to see the flowers.

  22. Most likely overwatering due to being in a pot without a hole. Unpot, check for root rot (any brown mushy roots), trim off bad roots, repot into fresh soil in a pot with a hole. Use a plastic saucer underneath so as not to damage the surface the pot is on. Water once well and let it be.

  23. The first pot it is in is the kind that has holes on the bottom, inside the white one

  24. Yes. When you water the plant it runs out of the plastic one but sits in the white one because it has no where else to go. The water remains and the bottom of the plant sits in that water. That's what causes root rot.

  25. Nightshift isn't for anyone. I had the same issues. I'd only get a few hours' worth of sleep a day and felt like a zombie always, even on Sundays. It felt like I was always at work. No gym, unhealthy foods, miserable mood. Godspeed on getting switched back to days.

  26. But which lane do you go to if you’re in the left lane and realize last second you need to go right? Definitely seen that one a few times around here but can’t remember what the driver book said about that 🤷‍♂️

  27. You turn your blinker on indicating you want to change lanes. Cars turning into that lane have a yield and you should have room to change lanes. If not, you just have to go around. Luckily nearly every car has GPS so if you miss your turn, the GPS will just recalculate the route.

  28. thanks for the feedback! i’m definitely going to try the scalp serum oils, are there any good shampoos you recommend out there that is low/non existent on the sulphates?

  29. I would love to give you a bunch of hair products that would 100% work.. but I haven't found any that don't dry out or otherwise irritate my scalp.

  30. I know it happens in nature for various reasons, but to kill AND eat 11 seems like a lot for a “domesticated” dog. I wonder if it ate all 11 in one sitting? I wouldn’t even have thought that was possible.

  31. I guess you haven't seen that Facebook post of the puppy eating its litter mate.

  32. That one doesn’t have any retinol in it. You want Differin Adapalene which is a 0.1% concentration. I think it’s something like 10x as strong as retinol

  33. Thank you very much! I was scratching my head with the price tag vs the ingredients. I might try going in person and asking the pharmacist if they have the adapalene one.

  34. I'd suggest stop using heat and chemical treatments for one. I'd possibly look into the Curly Girl method. It didn't work for me, so don't get frustrated if it doesn't work for you either. Brands that worked for me to get my hair back moisturized were My Black is Beautiful and Shea Moisture. Argan oil helped as well - I'd use that on my wet hair before I put it up in a towel to dry. Moroccan Oil works too, a little goes a long way. (I'm not even 1/4 through the tiny sample bottle I bought two or three months ago.)

  35. My favourite parts of the show are those moments when someone’s hanging around “washington d.c” or someplace and there’s a plainly visible skytrain in the background

  36. We've just started rewatching it and I'm like, hey 'that's South Surrey!' or 'That's totally Steveston', or my favourite was the one going up Grouse Mountain with Vancouver in the background and then the office with Black Tusk poster.

  37. We've just started watching and I keep wondering what it was like for people in the US who were watching it at the time. Like were people from New York State or Idaho or wherever seeing those (obviously Vancouver streets) goin' "wait this looks literally nothing like here" or was it just accepted as fact?

  38. I grew up next province over and I took everything as fact that it was indeed XYZ Town in the USA.

  39. It will dissolve based on the amount of acid in the tank creating a buffer at a stable PH. Usually between 7.6 and 7.9 which is good for just about anything.

  40. Yes, from the bird section. Remove the metal piece and boil it until it sinks. You can break it up and put it in your filter or you can sit it in the tank whole for your snail to graze on. I would do both. Today my mystery snails hatched so I just put a fresh one in my snaiby tank. =D

  41. Amazing. I think this is what I'll do since it's the most accessible to me. I really appreciate your help. It's now much less of a nightmare. Thank you all!

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