1. I’m so over all the variants. This doesn’t even look like Magic anymore.

  2. Agreed.. I'll buy jpn and eng retro foils from DMR instead.

  3. Imagine still putting up a fight in that state.. Magnificent creatures!

  4. Foil fetches and chronicles Blood Moon!? The mindfuck is complete!

  5. Seems Larian is actually a decent company within the industry, for once. You can either choose to support them by buying the game you'd like to play. Or you can be patient and wait until it goes on sale. No reason to act all bitchy when you can't decide the price yourself in the moment you want to.

  6. It's clear that Turkey is trying to manipulate the situation by making its support for NATO expansion conditional on the F-16 deal. It's important for the international community to stand together and not be swayed by such tactics.

  7. Erdogan wouldn't even be able to draw within the lines in a children's colouring book.. Don't expect him to be able to do international politics. He's an imbecile. And so are all the Turks supporting him. He will act up and be put in his place by the adults. As usual.

  8. Damn! My boy looks like he was drafted by Russian to go fight in Donbas..

  9. Another person's dick in it. Or shit. Shit would definitely ruin my sandwich. Or an eyeball.

  10. Calm down, people.. This was probably just a 4Chan joke written by some pimpled virgin..

  11. Yeah, we're gonna need that nuclear holocaust soon..

  12. Why are a lot of these trends just people being degenerates? I feel bad for the employees of that store.

  13. Classic.. Give Erdogan any reason to be a massive cunt and he won't pass it up. He just enjoys the attention too much..

  14. "Dark brown leather bottom" instantly reminded me of my southern European GF..

  15. As a lover of all animals, I sometimes doubt myself..


  17. Ahhh, yes. The Americans and their dog prisons.. Still fucks with me when I see those things on here.

  18. They aren't just an American thing nor are they dog prisons. When sized and used appropriately, the dogs generally speaking quite like them. It's their own quiet space, it smells like them and it can be used for training purposes very well.

  19. A bed with a bowl next to it does the same, doesn't it? It did for me..

  20. As a Dane; look at Ellemann-Jensen, our defence minister, sneaking in to be in the shot. Hahaha, that absolute tool..

  21. Been anticipating this vid. Very saddened to learn that two of the guys were KIA by arty. They sure fed those Spetsnaz pigs some lead though. What magnificent creatures.

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