1. Did Leon sit out like two years after RDA for the same reason?

  2. Man Tanahashi (and Nakamura) were bland as hell when they first got started, too. Give Shota time

  3. Only the best leather jackets allowed under Haitch’s watch

  4. How’s Peterson doing post cardinals? I know he’s getting older but I stopped following him because he’s annoying lol

  5. There’s like 0 chemistry between some of these pairings, it’s crazy how awkward a lot of these spots are lmao

  6. I always found this shit incredibly fucking creepy even when I was watching as a kid. God, I fucking hate Vince... Sure, you can complain about Triple H's booking as much as you want (I think it's been great outside of the booking for the women) but man, I'm glad shit like this won't be on TV anymore. Though I won't rest too easy until Vince is proper gone.

  7. If I were a team I would simply only draft All Pros and nothing else.

  8. Ahh I see. I also got confused on dates here. AEW really gets boned with NBA/any other sport. I get it but this is a lot of shuffling.

  9. I miss the good days, when wrestling would get bumped for a dog show

  10. Many described him as "CM Punk without the straight edge" although I would say he was pretty generic. He was always good in the ring though. I remember him most for his matches with Davey Richards. Oh and I loved his "God's Last Gift" finisher

  11. If I were a betting man, no. Probably more akin to WCW Saturday Night or Sunday Night Heat

  12. I totally agree, and I'm willing to give this a chance if that's the case. Who do you think would fit the bill?

  13. MJF’s been the best thing in AEW since All Out. Arguably the only good thing.

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