1. They don't patch - Not happy They patch - Not happy. Does nothing - Not happy Does something - Not happy

  2. 1 life mode as SnD, cyberattack or rescue do push a little more tactical approach, but doesn't necessary requires it.

  3. La formation est pratiquement gratuite au centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg. Je pas comprends pourquoi ta besoin de 15 000$

  4. Parce que je dois payer mon loyer, mon hydro, mon gas et manger. Ça revient à +/- 2200 par mois.

  5. Tabarnak, tu vie un peut au dessus de tes moyens dans ce cas là. Ça va te prendre beaucoup plus que 15 000$ le temps que tu passe ton permis et obtiene un emploi après le DEP.

  6. J'avais un emploi qui me le permettait, mais ce n'est plus le cas.

  7. The division did, don't know if they still do. However, it would clutter the already messy shitshow they call "main menu".

  8. My R3 are at 4/32 and still grip, they are amazing.

  9. Heroes is kinda back to life and it makes me happy.

  10. I don't get it.... Just don't use mod..?

  11. Why do people care so much about how many people are playing this game?

  12. Just curious, do you have a 4k Netflix plan?

  13. ♬ Nous autres on est PSPP pis eux autres sont pas PSPP! ♬

  14. Mon chat s'est collé quand j'ai lu ça.

  15. You call it Mittens instead of Tigger.

  16. It’s absolutely the SQ-10 and not for the reason you think

  17. Well, smoke will kill you, you should know that by now.

  18. Because the M is a consonant, but when you say it you pronounce it “em” which sounds like a vowel. When referring to something that starts with a vowel sound you use the word “an” before it instead of “a”. It just makes it sound better. Instead of saying “look there’s a eagle flying” you say “look there’s an eagle flying” it just makes it sound better.

  19. I knew about the vowel, but I did not know about the way we pronounce it.

  20. Forza horizon in Japan would disappoint most people, PG couldn't afford license for customisation which is a big part of japan culture.

  21. ??? What bad player would ask for a skill gap, I want a skill gap because I want skill to be rewarded. Getting gifted free awareness because of footsteps without having to learn reading spawns or learning timings isn't something any good player should want.

  22. It never comes to your mind that maybe your skills are not rewarded because you don't actually have any?

  23. So you're a clueless bot, gotcha. If you can't see the lack of skill gap in this game there's not a single chance you're even half as good as me

  24. I prefer having fair games and dying because someone heard me sprinting like a madman than winning because "gaming in my sole achievement possible".

  25. Are you guys blind? He clearly went above his head.

  26. You know it takes way less ressources to fix an issue on the store than actual gameplay bugs? It's basically a spreadsheet with picture added. Gameplay bugs are endless lines to verify and test.

  27. You know what would be super badass? You becoming a dev and just obliterating their “IQ” by showing them how to fix all their code and become the leader wow so cool you would really show them for sure.

  28. 1 dev fixing the work of hundreds would take a lifetime.

  29. 4.99. I'd be playing but I kept getting kicked by punkbuster for some reason

  30. I remember when everyone was bitching about how winter is shit in 4. And now that it's gone suddenly they're all nostalgic smh

  31. Or maybe, it is not the same people.

  32. For me, most of the time it goes beyond 100ping while searching, but once in the game it's between 15-60 ping.

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