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So buff, wow

  1. Let’s go, always awsome to see companies support veterans

  2. I back this, longest queue I’ve had was 8 minutes tank queue at the launch of the gane

  3. I bet people are sick and tired of caustic, rampart, wattson and probably now catalyst just camping and spamming traps everywhere, I haven’t okay aoex in a while so I’m just assuming

  4. I'm sure it'll improve when Shipment drops lol

  5. Highest streak I think is a 15 or 18 I forgot, highest kills is 68

  6. Point blank kills and kills from behind are the worst just because they are picky when it comes to counting. I’ve had ones where every shot is in their back but the angle was slightly too wide so it didn’t count as behind, and then point blank kills where if I get any closer we are kissing and it doesn’t count.

  7. That’s exactly how I am, it’s all mental, I easily get 3 kills all the time but when it becomes my challenge I start trying hard to secure the final one then I freak out and miss my shots, idk why, I try to not think about it, it’s also just super repetitive and annoying but mostly the mental thing

  8. "Ana nade is now not cleansable by Kiriko's Suzu" "Sleep dart is now hitscan" "Passive heath regen incrased by 150%" "Can stop time" "Removed a bug with Dva's mech that gave Ana 5m damage mitigated stat" "Can select teammates for nanoboost from Tab" "Immune to Pulse bomb" "Can wallclimb"

  9. Watch the “balance changes” to Mercy and Ana simply be nerfing Sojourn 😂

  10. That would be a buff lol, idk how many times I’ve watch a sojourn build 100% charge on my tank then point and click me instead

  11. Yes I know, it’s not that I really care, it’s that I don’t want to spend $10 on something that will give me a disadvantage, I’m not a competitive player, I just really like the skin and support 100T, but I’m not gonna spend $10 to get singled out cuz of the skin

  12. I can’t, I honestly hate the way casuals play the game, competitive is much more fun in my opinion, I only play unranked to warmup

  13. Stanley is the reason I looked up lily and I’m now a huge fan of vtubers

  14. The game is more enjoyable with movement being removed almost entirely

  15. Your super chill, funny and are genuinely a great person to hang out with

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