1. Jags, Bucs, and Phins all in one division for Florida supremacy. To fill in for the 4th team they can just get the Orlando Magic from the NBA to pull double duty.

  2. I can't believe you got Patrick Mahomes to film the end of this gif!

  3. I was led to believe that this team is bad defensively because Luka is slow and doesn’t show effort

  4. Luka for DPOY narratives about to heat up

  5. At the very least, I hope our shooters get their stroke back in this game regardless of the result

  6. Yeah, he's definitely a first ballot Hall of Fraud inductee

  7. Breaking News: Bum Simmons has been sent to T🤮r🤮nt🤮 for his crimes against basketball

  8. Di ko talaga nagets kung pano naging M.O.M.S ang mhies on a mission. San napunta ang "a". Bakit nagamit ang O sa on pero hindi ang a. San galing yung extra na S sa moms?????

  9. Ok, na set aside ko na political views ko. What exactly does ALLTV offer me na kakaiba from ABS or GMA?

  10. Maybe he just wants to root for a classier Lakers team.

  11. Iba lasa ng hotdog sa PH eh, mas maalat compared sa iba kaya ata di natripan nung nag rank. Understandable naman

  12. Congrats. They just cursed whatever generic ass company made that plain red shirt

  13. What happens if you put an eagles jersey on the statue? Does that jinx them or make them luckier?

  14. I can see him get kinda grating for non-Chiefs fans but his co-hosts do a good job of balancing him out from my view. Plus it's refreshing to see their show where they each have their biases but never seem mad at each other.

  15. Bengals fan here. Congrats on an amazing run to the Super Bowl, you played with heart and grit. Go kick Philly’s ass.

  16. Hey! Thanks for not being toxic and ggs :)

  17. Tom Brady vs. Chad Henne for next seasons back up QB!

  18. Maybe Luka Doncic is not Devin Booker father :(

  19. I was staring at this thinking to myself "Damn they must really suck at gifs if they forgot to put subtitles in". It took my dumbass 4 loops to realize it was a clip with actual audio....

  20. This is a separate channel Brandon uses for more post-Broncos games streams

  21. I was thinking shared custody between the two of 'em lol

  22. Allen doesn't have 9 kids, he can't compare to the GOAT of reproduction

  23. We're running on Green Energy tonight bois!

  24. It's obviously because he didn't add a "/s" at the end of his statement. Rookie mistake right there

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