1. He wants to date you obviously. Its pretty shit for average guys these days so they search for hiki, autistic girls and think they will give them a chance because they are also low value

  2. Hm. I'd say if you meet up in a pre-determined place where there are other people around and travel there and back on your own (i.e. not getting picked up by him in his car), I suppose it minimizes the risk of having something bad happen to you.

  3. Same here. I only felt some encouragement with schoolwork / academics so that's mainly what I focused on. Hard for me to continue with any hobbies when the people around me aren't interested or appreciative. Supportive yes, they might even pay for lessons but that's all.

  4. I'm pretty transparent with her, and she's very smart, so I'm sure she knew even before I wrote it down. Doing this mainly for myself to help me sort out my feelings.

  5. Sometimes I think it's better not to date someone if you're not planning on getting serious. 3rd date goes into serious territory and I guess they just wanted out even at the cost of making you feel bad. Well, good riddance, you don't need that kind of person in your life.

  6. I think you are selling yourself short, especially when it comes to not being understood and / or understandable. I think you write well and have put your point across very clearly.

  7. I started with a lot of confidence and high expectations. But those were based on lies from my childhood. People hid big things from me (including the gravity of my own mental condition) and I didn't know how life-changing/destroying those facts were until I was quite old. It doesn't help that I'm autistic, I couldn't read between the lines and learn things very slowly.

  8. I'm 40 years old male from Indonesia. I rarely comment on reddit online forum anymore nowadays, but when I've read your post, I just want to say that I can deeply relate to almost everything that you've said. Especially your title post: I don't belong anywhere. My life is meaningless and empty. And also your final sentences: I'm sorry for existing. I'm sorry for being such a burden on my family and I wish I'd die soon just to get rid of that burden.

  9. Aw man. It is sad when I find someone who feels very similar. I'm sorry it got worse for you.

  10. Pwede ka sa government, ang board ay katumbas ng civil service. Wag lang mag-expect ng magandang trabaho o sahod. Baka contractual pa rin. At ignore lang kung may corruption.

  11. Why is that? It's a common allergy medicine. Is it the dosage or the drug itself?

  12. Hong Kong version is strange. Taiwanese is nice. Thanks.

  13. What would the four names be when translated in English?

  14. I already made the mistake of hiring someone with honors. After 5 years of doing the same stupid mistake with his work, I can only complain.

  15. Fair enough. Experience is experience. Maybe better to rely on the interview than the resume in that case.

  16. I already have and thanks to the responses, I already hired someone.

  17. English is your THIRD language? Wow! That is amazing!

  18. Have you tried using a weighted blanket and essential oils with ultrasonic diffuser? I haven't tried those yet but planning to.

  19. Pwede ka mag-diet nang keto o low carb pero mahirap talaga pag may mental health issues. One thing I can recommend is replacing rice with quinoa. Parang bigas lang din pwede sa stove o rice cooker pero doble tubig at masarap siya kaya worth it naman imho kung afford mo. Cheaper options are kamote at saging, maganda daw sa mental health ang saging at low carb ang kamote.

  20. 34 and still learning to be content with what I have.

  21. I think finding a support group will help more than a psychologist or psychiatrist. I'm assuming these will be face-to-face, IRL sessions. You need friends aside from family, "paid" (professionals) or not. Whichever you go to, ask them if they can recommend any groups.

  22. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or wonan, loneliness is a human emotion. Feeling touch starved is real. Being deprived of human connection sucks so much ass.

  23. Yeeeep. I’m a cis woman. Bullied and called disgusting and weird my entire life. Treated like an alien, an outcast, a fucking leper. Can’t find or get a job despite having a degree. NEET with zero life prospects. They act like every woman is a stunning Instagram model drowning in money and opportunity and attention. It only.

  24. Just checked it out. It looks very nice and has a lot of songs, thank you so much!

  25. I don't live in NCR much less Luzon haha.

  26. Talaga, shortage din ng anti-anxiety meds diyan? That is insane...

  27. I feel you. Life with autism is brutal. The bullies have no idea how much damage they cause.

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