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  1. i've done it in Sam Ash in NYC. I used to live in the same hood as Joey Ramone and saw him there one time

  2. I don't understand why people don't like Edge. It's literally Chrome with a different skin. And yes, it tries to convince you to keep using it, but have you never seen Google constantly asking you to use Chrome when you visit its homepage on a browser that isn't Chrome?

  3. It's not literally chrome with a different skin, it's s chromium based browser. Chrome itself is an absolute memory hog while edge is not, making it better.

  4. Definitely more disturbing than the multiple times people have blown their brains out on live TV.

  5. Whenever I have bought something someone says tastes or smells earthy it usually means it has no taste or smell. Is that the case here?


  7. You do realize these talk show interviews are rehearsed ahead of time be funny and entertaining right? He was obviously joking. You really thought there were two people named Aloysius having birthday parties at a restaraunt at the same time? 🤦‍♂️

  8. I didn’t catch that but I’m still not convinced that he’s ”the nicest guy in showbiz” or ”a gem of a man”😂+ anyone who says ”my good nature” should be taken with a grain of salt imo

  9. Name someone nicer in showbiz. The only person you can probably name is Fred Rogers ...who they picked Tom Hanks to portray. Why are there no stories of Tom Hanks mistreating people? Leave my boy Tom alone he's a gem. 🙌💎

  10. You can bet these dudes felt like SEALs riding in their little truck. Absolute clowns. I hope they cried.

  11. What is a just the sauce cart? Is this distillate, resin, rosin, or something else? I'm new to this program and find it weird some of these cultivars don't even tell you what is in their carts. Some do and some don't. I'm not complaining just trying to figure it out.

  12. I invite anyone to take a glance at your ultra toxic profile. It took me all of 30 seconds to decide to block you instead of interacting with a troll. ✌️

  13. How the fuck does this kid get off so light. Especially with the fact that he already had a criminal record. Sounds like mommy and daddy have some serious money they are shelling out.

  14. I'm not defending him, but I got into a lot of trouble as a kid. Selling drugs, fighting, being stupid, etc. Was arrested a total of 6 times I can recall right now. One of them was for felony drug trafficking. I have never seen the inside of a jail. My parents are middle class and never had money. The only time I paid for a lawyer was the felony charge (had to sell a bunch of stuff and borrow $1000 from a friend and pay him back).

  15. Yeah but did you ever try and hit a baby and it’s mother with your car?

  16. I’m going to assume you’re my boss and if you’re on Reddit at work then it’s OK if I am. Thanks boss!

  17. The only people talking about “if a white person commits any infraction they are racist” are people making up that narrative In Their head like you. It’s not a real thing. Play dumb tho

  18. I'm not playing dumb your comment made no sense grammatically ...and you could not be more wrong about your message now that you have clarified it.

  19. I’m sure you believe that, but you’re wrong. You’d live a much happier live if you didn’t convince your self the world hated you bc ur white lmao, talk about first world problems.

  20. And there it is, the passive-aggressive racism. I'm white so I have nothing to complain about. Thanks for proving my point, now you are blocked because I don't deal with stupid.

  21. jesus christ the sad life you must live to come back to this after a month. My doc is about the CX community btw, so you couldn't even understand that lmao

  22. Did you forget you aren't actually making a documentary and made it up? It's not that much of a problem to go back a month in Reddit comments when you don't live on Reddit all day like you do lol.

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