MRI of my butt

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  1. The two party system is a joke. Especially since both parties have been bought and paid for long ago.

  2. Science has spoken. That stego got the smoke and the whole dino crew was there to witness it.

  3. I couldn't give shake away when I was selling pounds but now people buy it. Crazy

  4. I used to have people buy my shake and roaches for cheap all the time when I was selling. Especially if it was the shake/trim from loud and not mids.

  5. For those wondering, this was a pelvic MRI done for Crohn’s Disease!

  6. Where Tommy Wiseau got all of his money is a question that still haunts me. I have to know.

  7. Get a toilet paper roll. Shove it full of as many strong smelling dryer sheets as possible. Cover the end with a sandwich bag and rubber bands, then poke holes - maybe 10 (not too many you want air restriction). Blow all exhales thru it! Refresh every like 2 weeks. Get an air purifier. Always use candles. If your smoking extinguish everything immediately! Tell your landlord you switched to edibles and overly apologize lol.

  8. Yeah I'm not doing the dryer sheet trick in my own home like some kid hiding from their parents. If the lease doesn't prohibit smoking in your house tell everyone to kick rocks. If it does then move because who wants to live under that rule lol.

  9. Didn't give the advice to you anyway lmao. This was help guided to someone who doesn't own their own home.

  10. Own or rent it's still your home where you live. The reality is there is no reason to hide it, it's legal. If the neighbor has a problem they can light a candle. Unless it's specifically stated in his lease that no smoking is allowed he's not doing anything wrong.

  11. The Reddit Detectives are back at it! Haha

  12. Pretty sure that heardboard opens up when you are sleeping and you get snatched into Narnia by some talking woodland creature.

  13. No offense but you are nuts if you think it is more likely to pass than not. You must not know the history of our local government very well. I want nothing more than for it to pass but would comfortably bet any amount of money that it won't. Happy to leave this comment to see how it ages.

  14. I’ve personally fired off multiple cartridges at wood working shows for demo purposes. Them shits are quick. Anyone know if they ever came out with the bandsaw and skill saw?

  15. I had the same thing happen! Did they feel almost a little sticky/tacky and super light like foam?

  16. Nothing good happens in 7-11 after midnight.

  17. Propane tanks in the game are pretty much useless now. I'd love to see propane bombs. Fill it with low grade fuel and plant it somewhere. Wait for an enemy and shoot it 🤣

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