1. I don't know if there is one specific thing, because every girl is different.

  2. I agree! and if they ask why - because kids - I would just say it’s not in our budget right now

  3. I used to have a pastor that encouraged people to come have coffee with Jesus. Not bringing food and drink to mass but to stop by the chapel and create a ritual of visiting with with Christ in adoration

  4. An unplanned pregnancy is a terrible reason for an unplanned marriage! You are obligated to provide for your child’s physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual health. Be a witness to living out the gospel. Pray for and with your child. Baptize your child and help them to grow in relationship with God.

  5. There are a lot of reasons I wouldn’t reply. If I already liked your profile it would be because I have recently started going on dates with someone I am interested in OR have gotten tired of OLD and haven’t logged in in awhile.

  6. I'm not talking about "not liking" - i'm talking about intentionall clicking "not interested"

  7. Oh sorry! I misunderstood. I have only done that for people who repeatedly send messages. I didn’t respond the first time for a reason, why do you keep sending them?

  8. 1st of all - you are a complete person with a complete life. No one can complete you. A future spouse (who is also a complete person) can add to your life!

  9. I’ve always thought he was such an interesting Catholic 🙈 we started our relationship off by becoming consecrated to Mary, which I thought was nice. We did novenas together. We talked about God for hours upon hours. But then I don’t know what happened exactly, it’s a little fuzzy, but I started to realize that he doesn’t even attend mass because of “mass PTSD”, he smokes weed every single day, he listens to garbage music, he is not kind to other people, he has a terrible relationship with both parents. He’s just.. not a good Catholic. At all. IMO at least.

  10. It sounds like he did what he knew you were looking for to win you over. He has showed you his true colors. You need to leave for you emotional, mental, & spiritual health. Honestly, I’m scared for your safety. If you must do it face to face - do it in public and have someone else drive you. But, in this situation I would probably do it over text. Either way block him or you will continue to get these messages making you doubt yourself

  11. I think she saw herself as one of the few people in the world who was smart and capable. She had a responsibility to reproduce to give the world half a chance with all the idiots out there who have children

  12. Worst Cooks in America is entertaining and will also teach some good skills like the best way to cut up an onion or how to pick the best slice of steak, etc.

  13. RSVPs shouldn’t be needed until 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Worry about this then

  14. This has to be a joke right? I have only seen one LOTR movie and didn’t like it. I can’t imagine what I would think if someone told me that was dealbreaker hahaha

  15. Clothes that fit! I would say jeans and a nicer shirt is typically what I see. That might be a tee-shirt, Henley, Polo, quarter zip…

  16. I know a family that puts everyone in bed at the same time. Then they play an audio book in the hall so everyone can hear and the kids have something to do and will fall asleep while listening to a story

  17. I don’t get it either! I have anxiety calling people, but never about answering a phone.

  18. Google voice is an app. Pick a location to get a number to be reached on the app. If you choose New York, NY you will get a NY number. Then you can say the number is from NY.

  19. You technically don’t need either. You both have agreed to get married and could go to the parish to schedule marriage prep and a wedding date.

  20. I have always been dumped and no one has ever reached out to me. We all see patterns in past relationships but different people have very different patterns

  21. October is 9 months away. I know someone who got married a few months ago after a 4 month engagement. If you are super particular, it’s not enough time. If you are wanting something smaller and your flexible on the details it is definitely doable!

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