1. I had no idea that sub exist. Good thing to cause I have a...friend[<.<]...[>.>]that would love this.

  2. I don’t believe it is a subreddit… yet. However, you sound eager and enthusiastic, you could start it up.

  3. 2022 Dodge 2500 (provided by the company). I used to drive my 2015 WRX until I got my company truck.

  4. I have my entire job’s staking sheets printed out. I go through each station and highlight work completed, and then redline anything I have changed. My GF comes by once a week to get with me and find out the work and changes done.

  5. Thanks for the reply! We have tried something similar but they just stopped doing it lol mutiny I suppose.

  6. What the other person replied with. Literal red line, with a red pen, through the unit that wasn’t used or changed.

  7. I genuinely thought he was sitting on a toilet when I first saw this. 😖😆

  8. Staged and waiting… Happy to be done with the long drive out here, that’s for sure.

  9. I have a tabby but it's like a tortie/tabby mix (with white mittens, belly & chest) Not standard enough to be a standard issue tabby & definitely not a tortie. 1/2 an M on her forehead & orange splotches. Smart enough & enough attitude to be a tortie though 😂 Her adopted brother is a piebald tabby but he has the soul (& smarts) of an orange boy cat. Seriously he timeshares the braincell 🤣

  10. They are not common. I am a T-Line engineer, so i design them on occasion. I like this reddit to see what i can be doing better based on complaints.

  11. What?! An Engineer that is actually interested in what the Field-Ops wants/needs?!!

  12. Nice. I rock the Makalu's all summer and have been in the winters here in CO, but am needing an upgrade over those on the cold days.

  13. I’m in CO as well, and the 200g of insulation and waterproofing has been great for me. A lot of the time I don’t even need to swap to thicker socks.

  14. I had an Assault game that my team was winning, however, when I began to get more kills as the Tsukuyomi, our Khepri got pissed and suicided. They then proceeded to sit in the fountain until everyone had close to full builds. The Khepri then decided to leave the fountain and suicide into enemies again.

  15. Nice work! I got busy with work, so I haven’t been able to hop on much the past few days.

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