1. I know I shoul but after 1,5 year of beeing single, I finally found somebody who matches with me and is really nice... I keep doubting myself for that and regreting it all

  2. I get that but being single for a long time dosen't mean you deserve to be in a relationship. Understand the fact that you disrespected him and he did they same to you my advice would've have changed. You seem to want him so you can be in a relationship not because you necessarily like him.

  3. It depends, when she has done something wrong in the past has she made an effort to fix it. Don't only look at the big things but also the small ones. I would ask you dad what he would need for her for him to forgive her. I don't think there is anything you can do about her going to jail. I wouldn't either because it would seem like you guys are only trying to stop her from going to jail instead of really trying to fix things.

  4. She is not great with the whole ownership thing I have to be honest. Sadly I don’t think he can get past this nd ultimately I am going to have to pick one or the other. If she actually has stolen from my family then I don’t want anything to do with her , and deserves to be nicked!

  5. Then there is your answer, now you will just have to stick to it. Wish things were better but unfortunately you can't rewrite the past.

  6. Well ask yourself if what he said is true, what will he get by gaslighting you. If you guys are honest with each other in other aspects of your life then I would assume he is honest here. Also ask yourself if it seems like the sex you have been having is more geared to you or him.

  7. I think you just have to trust the fact that one he chose to be in a relationship with you. He has been dating and had fwb long enough to tell what he wants. Also two that he cut ties with them (I assume you didn't ask him too.) So he wants to focus on you. I think there are something that will be the same because we just love the same but we also love different. So something will be the same and something will be different.

  8. Ya I was just thinking he could break up their relationship and tell his ex to fuck off or just let it be. I would say just stay friends and don't push for anything.

  9. Just walk away my dude girls like here will make your life hell, find someone who like you when you like them.

  10. I'd be adult enough to realize "if we aren't currently IN a relationship, then it's none of my effin business what she does."

  11. My answer is based on my personal experiences as a career soldier.

  12. That she thinks she can cast spell. I would skip that level of crazy. I could be wrong though.

  13. My question is this, is she doing the same. If not the don't do it but if she is then I don't really see the problem even though I think 20% is a bit high.

  14. You can love someone and still not find them sexual attractive. Love doesn't wash away everything that you don't find sexual unattractive simply because you SO has one of these traits.

  15. They are just used as a way to show wealth. Like "Look at me I have the money to waste on these nails and with them I can't work so you know I don't have a hard job or I'm being taken care of."

  16. Tell her that if she wasn't to play with just you, she should say so even if she knows you know. I would start by apologising and telling her that I see what I did wrong and the above is just away to avoid that from happening again.

  17. I knew she wanted to play with just me because it’s been a few days since we last got any alone time

  18. Like I said you start with " I fucked up I am sorry. Next time if you you want to play with just me and you see I am doing something like I did last please just say so. So I can click that I am messing up then and there." Then end with "how can I make it up to you?"

  19. Are you buying her stuff? Also just leave then,if she is free to do what she wants and gets mad when you do the same then just go, no one is worth that stress.

  20. Let his history speak louder then some online test enjoy the rest of relationship and chill.

  21. Body spray, toothpaste, very little shampoo, same about of conditioner as shampoo, shit you up on your armpit.

  22. You created this mess,, you need to try and fix it. Be the stand up guy and have a talk with your ex and explain that it's over. Make sure you have that discussion in a public place to avoid issues.

  23. I have to read it from the Old Testament or just the New Testament?

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