1. Who is this disgraced tarot card reader!? 😂😂😂

  2. It’s in the article, someone named Ashley Guillard

  3. I can’t stop laughing and then immediately went right to Miss Cleo 😂

  4. I was screaming into the ether about it, trying to find my people. I was too lazy/inept to start a sub, but was hoping for other people who saw past the crazy. I was so happy when someone started this sub.

  5. YES!!!! This is where I landed initially! And I knew I found the right place! I thought “F’n Finally!”

  6. When I started questioning her “reporting“ I started searching on Subs and other snark sites for likeminded people who were feeling the same way that I was feeling . and I was looking for confirmation I guess that I wasn’t just like turning into a bitch,eating crackers with her content. I found you all! My people! it’s been a wild ride ever since!

  7. She's definitely buying followers. This is Social Blade's summary of her account for the last couple weeks and I'm willing to bet a large number of those followers she gained from Wednesday to Friday this week were bought.

  8. Looks like she purchased about 10,000 followers to help bump her over that 1.2M threshold.

  9. Elon Markle also tagged Busy in a post and he sent me a DM saying Busy viewed his story! So that could also be part of it.

  10. Busy is the girl in HS who was friends with no particular clique in HS... Friends with everyone, loved by everyone. I wouldn't mess with Busy... she knows a lot of connected people and I bet her reach goes pretty far!

  11. The last one sounds like it’s @houseinhabit’s burner account 🤣

  12. Oh didn’t you here? House in Habit got off of a 2hr call that blew her smooth brain.

  13. 💀at Smooth Brain. Nary a wrinkle or fold to be found.

  14. She’s so full of shit. If Instagram censored her nonsense she’d have NOTHING. Such a fucking hack 🤡

  15. Not @houseinhabit really laying low from Busy Phillips but blaming censorship. #SureJan

  16. Cue the new bombshell that will take up her time from ever revealing her previous "bombshell information" she is alerted to on shocking calls and emails.

  17. That Jonbenét bombshell sure did come in the Nick of time before the black book that she truly never had, had to reveal itself.

  18. How do these social media managers not Vet their influencers before offering them ad campaigns!!!?! Do they not know or care what this woman represents? They should, they are aligning themselves with her brand. Which is bay shit crazy.

  19. JFC! This frigid twat looks like Falkor the luck dragon from the never ending story! 😂🥴

  20. Ok - I’m DMing Busy Phillips to tell her about this and I hope she sees it and goes off on stupid HIH. I listen to her podcast and there’s no way she’d stand for someone dragging her BFF Michelle through the mud!!

  21. This is the plot twist I never knew I needed, but I am totally here for it!

  22. As the days go on, I am more and more certain that this is all projection. That either her husband or one of her sons was accused of sexual assault at some point in time.

  23. I would love to know Sandra bernheardts take on her. I’d bet Jess wouldn’t like it

  24. I would pay good money to hear Sandra & Ellen Barkin’s take on @houseinhabit

  25. Does she not realize she is describing herself in great detail!!?! It’s the irony for me.

  26. New York Jessica has been wanting dying to be NOTICED as an NY influencer for years now, Unfortunately she hasn’t caught on to trend. I sense through the years she’s had to tolerate a good many things from the Kraus KKK Clan and their twisted political agendas! Perhaps because she hopes that riding JessiKKKa‘s @houseinhabit coattails will pan out? Even if she has to sacrifice her authenticity, shame

  27. I’ve been following NYC Jess for a while and I liked her a lot and could never figure out why those two were friends. Couldn’t find a link… I thought maybe NYCJ was friends out of obligation/history together. Then I started paying attention. And NYCJ doesn’t have any POC as friends. Her friends are all white. So that’s their link. And yes, they’re both mean girls who think they are elite.

  28. My first job ever was KK! Store #5 in Northport! I started in 10th grade super part time and stayed until I graduated college.Worked my way up to Bookkeeper! Looking back that was the best job ever...

  29. Hatch in Huntington is supposed to be good but I have never been there.

  30. Ugh please tell us more how Harry and Meghan are such monsters but poor innocent Andrew is part of a conspiracy framing him??? Damn Q’ers always coming out to defend the actual “groomers” 🤢

  31. Looks like someone pulled Out her needle and thread and tailored A LOT! Lordy!

  32. Inland Empire - which there are some members on this sub who can give you a better picture of what growing up looked like for her compared to how she lives now. I was trying I find the old thread, but I can't find it.

  33. Yes! I miss it! My husband and I ate there a lot when we were first dating.

  34. Yes and the bartenders and some of the nicest around. The guy Tony is great.

  35. Vinny is our fave! He's (and everyone there really) is just so genuine and sweet!

  36. I should've scrolled farther down before making the same comment hahaha!

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