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  1. They just want to take advantage of you. If you're a director you should be paid 6 figures it doesn't matter who you work for.

  2. Work with manufacturing data - specifically in capturing data. You will travel a lot.

  3. So you'd just say its the same thing? the visualization in my head of a normal distribution is the typical parabolic shape. was hoping there would be a name for this type of bar graph in particular where its representing that type of data.

  4. It's a percent difference graph however the percent difference appears to be normally distributed.

  5. A lot of companies now days run your resume through an AI model to get a score on how good of a fit you would be for the position.

  6. Very useful for Quality Engineers and in basically any job you might want outside of engineering (IE: Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Investment Analyst, Cloud Analyst, Risk Analyst, Consultant, Product Manager, etc. )

  7. Not at all I make enough money, but fuck if I am going to target and pay a markup of the same shit.

  8. Bro a guy I work with was telling me at lunch that he doesn't like Walmart as a company so he shops at Target.

  9. Respectable? Lmao if it pays money who the fuck cares what you're making.

  10. Tell me you know nothing about tech jobs without telling me you know nothing about tech jobs.

  11. Data science is a field where you're lucky to make it with only a bachelors degree. Most companies want at least a masters or else years of experience.

  12. Look back at the last time prty ran up to the $2.5 range, the friday before the week it hit $2 it was down.

  13. Um… are you sure you read the post/comments? OP literally said the prof used their name. Besides, why are you acting like you’ve never made a mistake? No need to call OP a dumbass. Shit happens and to me it seems OP admitted it.

  14. Run now. She is single and has a cat, I need not know more to realize the probability of her being batshit crazy is above 70% and that I don't sperm the batshit crazies.

  15. I left engineering for business and went from averaging 50 hour work weeks to 35 hour work weeks. Strangely, I feel like my 35 hours is more impactful to the business than the 50 hours I worked as an engineer.

  16. A few things so I'll start with the one's in his defense and then I'll get to the red flags.

  17. Ask if they’re up for a quick chat over Zoom. Ask them about their role, what tools they use, what skills got them there. End the call by asking if you can reach out if you see a job open that you’re interested in.

  18. Must be trolling the poor guy. Or would people actually agree to zoom with a stranger haha

  19. I actually really don't like when random people do that and my company has a policy that we're not supposed to accept connect requests from people we've never met in person.

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