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  1. conveniently ignores an entire life full of miraculous acts and fulfillment of prophecies made centuries before, like a boss 😎

  2. Hey, the address you posted has a space in it and it messes with the code pulling wallets from the comments

  3. I wait for your nft drops like children for their Christmas gifts! Always nice to see your work, and especially when you do collabs! Thank you as always!

  4. Richard Newton recently put out videos detailing L2, NFTs, and their importance to the Gamestop Saga. Please check them out!

  5. If you like these Halloween worms, there's still some 1/10 mints available on LoopExchange!

  6. Why can't I figure out how to put a wallet on my android? 😢 I don't have a desktop

  7. I submitted my application to the GameStop NFT marketplace! It would be amazing if you could like and retweet my tweet @ them if you would like to see more of my work on there!

  8. 0x7F05eA8BB2634ad952F67BD83dDC4810b2412DEc

  9. I've actually been drawing worms for a long time, since I was a kid. I loved drawing faces but I can't draw a body or arms or anything else so I always ended my doodles as worm bodies 😂

  10. Yooo lessss goooo i want this one too!! I have all them u have giveaway 0x28c1be74cb41584a5524cF33dC271674b1C84087

  11. Lmaooo who is that dude on the left, that’s standing with his shoulders shrugged

  12. they do teach math actually, but from what i know they don't teach history which seems strange

  13. Lmao, no lady gaga and the metgala is just as much of an offputting spectacle. Which is why I dont pay attention to that nonsense if I can help it.

  14. Is that a reasonable, nuanced opinion on Reddit? Sorry, this doesn't belong here

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