1. Puerto Vallarta and Tiajuana are the places recommended to visit and you need to see a doctor. You can either give them a copy of your medical records showing why you need the opiates or write a letter, yes im serious, explaining you have chronic pain and need the medication to live have a better quality of life. And that US doctors have been reduced to physicians who can't care for their chronic pain patients anymore because of the intimidation from conservatives who dont even prwvrihprwcticenlllllllllll9o90pp99oooorwfrkclfrm9 freedom to treat their patients who suffer from pain for numerous reasons. with the same medication they've been prescribing for decades and that your doctor informed you of the t there are many caring and gifted doctors in Mexico

  2. You’re probably gonna want more than 3 for 512 mg unless you have a high tolerance and plan to drink a bunch each time

  3. there is a mod called the first cycle that uses some battlefield 1 and waw and cod ww2 guns

  4. Try adding doxylamine or diphenhydramine to your dose if you don’t have access to promethazine

  5. What’s a good amount to take for a good high because last time I took 15 1mg ksalols I ended up in hospital 😂😂

  6. Holy fuck, like 1 or 2 mg, ya fuckin bartard. Those aren’t real bars and you have no idea what you’re putting in your body. Flubrolam or Clam could both kill you.

  7. What are u talking about? It takes an INSANE amount of benzos to kill u by urself alone don't believe everything u read on google

  8. there were reports of overdoses on fbrolam last year multiple times that weren’t taking an INSANE amount of the rc.

  9. These are all scammers on fake accounts looking for posts that smell like the op has money.

  10. i know this kid!! He always clogs up the bottle return by cramming Milwaukee Light's full of dip spit into it by the hundreds, last i seen him and his grampa were cooking bath salts in one of those 10x16 ft greenhouses from walmart. I seen they made headlines after they got arrested for public indecency, according to Sean Hannity this kid hoisted up an obese prostitutes Stomach flap with a Honda scissor jack after feeding her two bottles of homemade Nyquil, while his grampa rode a mobility scooter off a ramp into her you know what, I guess the neighbors called the cops after he started screaming about her pubic zits giving his nut sack brush Burns. really sad where lower class america has gone lately, and Biden just fuels the insolence..

  11. Seriously I don’t get why we wouldn’t take what we can get with people working with what we can barely get out of this mf and making the it into music some people rock w

  12. Prostitutes, escorts it doesn't matter. They're all the same. They all make me sick. I can't find any girl on any dating site these days without some hoe asking for money. "Have OF? Sign up for my premium baby and I'll send you my drobox :D" They're like cockroaches, they're everywhere.

  13. I felt this, Origins is one of my all-time favorite maps and I feel the vibe for BO2 was the best zombies personally. This has happened to me so often I’ve switched to Chronicles.

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