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  1. Have you experimented with a wider bench grip?

  2. Nah not later on in the game. Darius beats Trundle with 5+ items every time if he plays well.

  3. Sweet, nice to see the new champ doing well

  4. M/34. Whats the actual issue? lol You look great and I dont have shitty standards. Nice ass and flat stomach plus you got some bitties. Id hit on you at your local supermarket respectfully lol. Everyone has a gut till they flex. I look pregnant letting the abs relax then I flex and I have a 6 pack.

  5. Thanks for adding your age and gender

  6. Can we down vote this guy as well i don't like him

  7. Imagine inviting this guy to your party

  8. Bit groggy sometimes but I don’t know if it’s my illness but now suspecting could be all these tbh. Bout 6 months but I’ve kept adding

  9. The thing is I want to capitalize on my gold pass so If I am rushed it will be helpful I think ?

  10. You can capitalize on your gold pass once you get to town hall 8.

  11. I see , it's just that someone said me th8 has nothing extraordinary new so just upgrade to 9 and also the magic items will be of more value then . But I guess I can go slow then .

  12. There's no right way to play the game, whatever way you enjoy, do it. Town hall 8 in my opinion is where you start learning new attack strategies, definitely one of my favorites.

  13. Most American song i have ever heard. Good lift

  14. Damn t1 fans are some delusional people, he is definitely not natty.

  15. I just saw this post, can you send it to me too?

  16. Look at getting wrist wraps and when you use them have them tight

  17. Equipment shouldn't be used to fix injury's. It will only cause more issues down the line.

  18. You can't change your summoner spell once you're ingame

  19. Abby/Aby/Abyssal - The Abyss of Demons dungeon. Commonly misspelled as abbys. Can also refer to Abyssal Armor, the tier 12 heavy armor.

  20. Autoaim A cheat, where a player’s aim is guided by a program. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.

  21. He is speaking a language we are not quite ready for

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