1. So much wrong here. I love BC abut uh….Deku should stomp Asta into a bloody smear on the ground low diff

  2. Not really considering Asta scales to country/continental with FTL+ speeds while Deku is mountain level at most with relativistic speed. Asta slams.

  3. I mean comparing feats Asta is country level/continental with FTL+ speeds while Deku can scale to island/mountain level with relativistic speeds. Asta outclasses him in everything besides IQ.

  4. 7D? That’s like complex multi according to vs battle wiki tier list

  5. Haha no. Deku is like country level while LN Issei is uni-uni+ and Issei blitzes too.

  6. What feats does he have that put him at country level?

  7. Do people not realize that the English first called it soccer? 💀

  8. Already debunked this. You asked me a question and jumped to conclusions right after. God what are you, 15?

  9. Dawg, you’re still arguing about this debate? Go outside and touch some grass. The first thing you do when you wake up is debate about an anime.

  10. Buddy you’re the one whose sending 3+ replies every time. You tell everyone who disagrees with you to go outside and touch grass? Sounds like projection. If you’re gonna insult me, at least have it make sense and for it to be clever

  11. Every time? I haven’t sent a 3+ since last night and I only did it once. I told you to agree to disagree but you’re goofy ass didn’t wanna leave it be. You do need to some grass and go outside. I also recall you saying “leave it the adults” so you’re really an adult arguing with some rando 16 year old over some anime debate. You’re a loser get a job. And dawg, if it’s really that important to you then sure you win. The highlight of your day is winning a debate about fictional characters 💀

  12. Oryx can be scaled to high hyper, at least thats the General Consensus.

  13. It's to do with pryimidim and the infinite fortest.

  14. Ah gotcha, so wouldn’t that mean guardians scale to that then?

  15. Don’t get your scaling from TikTok. Whether or not Shibai is 5D the amount of wank I see on that app is crazy.

  16. Luke in legends moved a black hole did he not? I dong think Obi-Wan compares to that

  17. Well for one, statements hold no weight compared to feats. And every feat before and since has been an anti-feat to said statements, which would make said statement an outlier. For two, these statements about universe level stuff never come up again, which would mean intention is that no one is universe level since that fight.

  18. Where would you scale Goku by the end of DBS including DBS movies

  19. DBS scaling is just goofy because they always go out of their way to bring everyone back down. DB has that issue in general (Vegeta shook the planet supposedly in the Saiyan Saga. Then SSJ3 Goku does it in the Buu Saga and it's impressive again). Goku's solidly planet level with blasts, mountain+ level physicals, and probably hypersonic to MHS in speed, depending on how generous someone wants to be.

  20. No one agrees that MCU Thor is star level lmao

  21. Doesn’t matter. Appeal to popularity doesn’t validate your argument and is fallacious.

  22. I mean if you can prove MCU Thor is star level by all means go for it

  23. Everything seems accurate besides deku, he’s nowhere near multi continental.

  24. Lore wise he’s multiversal+ with infinite speed

  25. That's still below pretty much everyone he's going up against, i know what Wukong can do, i know what the people he's going up againstcan do, he dies to all of them horribly except MAYBE Xeno Goku

  26. Zeno Goku is nowhere near outer, sun Wukong slams him lmao.

  27. Yeah he's nowhere near it because he's far above it. Even if you disagree, it's a 3v1, Lucifer or CAS individually destroy him.

  28. When is Xeno Goku above outerversal? Don’t bring up the world tree translation because that’s mistranslated and has no validation

  29. Rain cause I’m like that 🤷🏽‍♂️

  30. Rains in the shop right now although I’m not fan of the lighter purple

  31. So this means Beast Gohan is indeed stronger than TUI Goku

  32. He does get a boost to his physicals. But this is not equal to his opponent. It's just a massive increase. And the time it takes would make it worthless since he A. Can't see Aizen. B. Can't Kill Aizen. and C. He has no actual way to survive an instant soul crush.

  33. Where does rune king Thor scale too? Low complex? Hyper?

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