1. I’m a good 200+ books into this genre and I feel exactly what you’re saying. I love a story where the MC gets unique magic and just grinds through dungeons to get stronger, find cool loot and have fun. The “world is against me” trope can be distressing at times when I’m looking for a quick escape after a long day.

  2. World End by DB King on KU kind of fits here. The MC has the Ocularist class which is all about seeing the world around him. He uses this to make snap judgements as the tactician for his group and often leads discussions due to his ability to read the micro expressions of that other people he meets. Eventually, he even gains the ability to see “mana” flow within people. I don’t want to add to much and spoil it but I found the book to be entertaining.

  3. Summoner’s Shadow by DB King is this verbatim. Currently, there’s 3 books in the series on KU. I forgot all the class types but there’s at least Ranger, Mage, Lancer, and a type of Beastmaster where you take on characteristics of your summons.

  4. There’s one on RR called Blair I think. I stopped reading the story because the MC had a very low IQ but it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  5. Congratulations on the new release! Any chance you have a recap of the previous books available?

  6. Yes! I saw a few people asking about this at the start of book 2, and thought it was a great idea. So fortunately you can find a quick recap right at the start of Book 3, at page 1 (:

  7. You deserve wealth and great fortunes! Lol

  8. I just wanna say Mark of the Crijik was excellent. It's refreshing to read a MC who is clever.

  9. I really wanted to give Mark of Crijik a go but I get hung on the “this MC will die soon” pressure. Is the book still enjoyable minus that?

  10. There's almost no pressure timewise. MC is reborn into the body of a baby but still has the intelligence of an adult and has 25 years to figure it out.

  11. I’m already on book 2 lol binged the whole thing yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation and helping to clarify the plot.

  12. The series is amazing and does a great job explaining it.

  13. “One minute, once per day” is too limited and niche to draw me in but good luck on your story! I think there a real lack in MCs with time magic.

  14. As a LitRPG/progression fantasy, the time travel gets more powerful over time. So, for example, after leveling up, he can now go 2 minutes back in time. And it gets more powerful as time goes on.

  15. Ahhh! Now you got me! Thanks for explaining and I’m adding it to my list. Can’t wait to see how this grows.

  16. the fully illustrated and translated manwha is available. legit just google solo leveling manwha and it will come up

  17. Is the whole thing illustrated? I was under the impression it was a book.

  18. Agreed that tower climbing is never a huge focus in Arcane Ascension, despite it being one of my favourites.

  19. Where did you read Solo Leveling? I didn’t see it on RR or KU.

  20. Any chance that there’s a recap of book one floating in the ether?

  21. I loved the story initially but the last book took a while to come out and I forgot the entire plot! After that I dropped the series and moved on. This is sadly a theme I’m noticing with this genre.

  22. Currently reading book 2 of The Seven Deadly Demons series titled Dungeon of Wrath.

  23. Thanks for the review and suggestion! I still haven’t read book 2 because I haven’t felt like reading book 1 over again lol I’m glad you enjoyed it though!

  24. Thanks! Didn’t know that but you’re a legit hero today!

  25. Dodgetank might fit. It’s on KU and I love the series!

  26. Haha. We never rest over at Patreon, do we.

  27. How far into the next book are you in Patreon?

  28. Currently going through it and the book is amazing! I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write recaps for the different books! I hope your book and writing blows up so you can comfortably retire with millions and have all the free time in the world to continue writing!

  29. The Underworld series by Apollos Thorne!

  30. Do you mind dropping a few links or descriptions of his work?

  31. Thanks! I’m definitely going to give Delvers a try! Not a fan big of cultivation though but I’m trying lol

  32. I declined the vaccine. Mostly because I’ve been COVID free this whole time and if I get the vaccine nothing changes for me. I’ll still have to wear a mask, I’ll still have to go to work, I’ll still be social distancing and I still won’t be able to go anywhere because my ability to travel is restricted.

  33. I just started PC gaming! I’m going to give Div1 another through. Thanks for posting.

  34. I literally throw on a skill build before I match make into any mission because I don’t know if all the directives will be on or not. 9 times out of 10 they aren’t but I’m ready just in case.

  35. Don’t group up on Heroics then. Test your build out solo.

  36. I farmed Wall Street and got it a bunch of times. If I were you I’d matchmake for one extra person though but 3 max. Just makes things run smoother and you don’t wipe as often. If you’re on PS4 I’d be down to help you farm for it.

  37. If you’re on PS4 I’ll join you. I’ve been looking for a consistent group as well.

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