1. Honestly, instead of copying celeb photos I find myself just sticking to a few rules for SC makeup:

  2. I’m obsessed with you figuring this out because does that mean Morticia is wearing the same exact shade but at full opacity??? That would be such a good detail considering the relationship between those two.

  3. I’ve met a handful of women who don’t wear makeup who treat it like being vegan. They can’t not talk about it all the time. It’s because they are insecure about how they look and don’t want to be held to the same standard or compared to women who wear it.

  4. The votes on this post are making me reconsider even being on this sub. Congratulations on your treatment and best of luck living authentically and staying brave in the face of ignorance ❤️ SO many of us are cheering you on.

  5. I got a sample and I’m afraid I’m now hooked on a face moisturizer that’s $70 😢

  6. I asked for a jar for Christmas when I saw the cyber Monday sale :) bless you!!

  7. I love Tanologist. It does go on clear though so you'll need to be thorough so you don't miss any spots (I forgot a whole leg once lol)

  8. I’m about halfway done with the original and the formula is amazing. Works as a heavy lip balm and a gloss. I am dying for them to come out with more heavily tinted versions!

  9. It’s okay if your natural nails are different lengths. If one breaks, you don’t have to file all the other ones down.

  10. I’m just over seeing 5 posts a week on here saying “one of my nails broke do I cut the rest or not??” Like just make an executive decision lol it’s all about preference anyways

  11. I think it’s annoying an attention seeking when people say “is it okay if men paint their nails” or something along lines. No one cares you’re just looking for attention. Just paint your nails and if you want to post them why not but no one needs your sob story or weird attention seeking post

  12. Or “I’m a just a beginner what do you think” with the absolute messiest manicure of all time, and no effort cleaning up stray polish at all. Like wash your hands one time to get some of that polish off your skin, you just want compliments for effort? Not even looking for cc?!

  13. I’m 5’6 and even with heels and I can’t almost touch the ceiling. She looks like closer to 6 foot plus heels. Maybe the angle is just extreme - but that angle makes it too hard to type her anyways.

  14. I keep seeing one from Haus cosmetics (by lady Gaga) and I had it in my cart at one point. Good reviews and really pretty!

  15. I like the thrive causemetics one and also the NYX jumbo eyeshadow sticks!

  16. Nothing boring about a good quick makeup look! I like to have “levels” of quick makeup based on how much more time I want to spend, see below. Also I’d put mascara on your bottom lashes to make things look a bit more “finished”.

  17. Go neutral and sheer for fool-proof blending. Try BB cream rather than full coverage foundation, and look for neutral tones (N, rather than C or W). Also at most makeup stores you can ask an employee for help matching!

  18. Even samples have info usually on the bottom about product and shade. Or else how would someone using a sample ever decide to buy the full size. It’s impossible to tell with one flash photo what this even is. I would at least swatch it and share that photo. Keep in mind a good contour shade is - matte (not shimmery at all) and cool brown just a few shades darker than your regular skin tone. If it’s shimmery and warm brown, that’s a good bronzer but not contour.

  19. I use it to spray my face if I leave the house and look too makeup-y once I’m in my car. Or if I’m having a no makeup day I use it a lot at stop lights and stuff with Vaseline lip balm. It helps to rehydrate my face and reshape my wavy hair when I look like shit.

  20. That’s interesting, I’ve always found witch hazel to have a drying effect and thought of it as a toner, less so than like a mister. Gonna start keeping lip stain in my car tho, that’s a good idea, it’s a multitasker.

  21. As an SC I can get a little lost in the fabric of a longer dress. I usually prefer above the knee like another commenter said. But if your unique body doesn’t, no worries. If you do look better in shorter, you could wear a fitted knee boot with a heel, with just a bit of your skin visible. Or opt for something shorter/have it shortened.

  22. it's a card that her sister sent her when they were trying to reconcile their childhood differences. they talked about it on the Office Ladies

  23. This is a paper flyer asking for donations, not a greeting card

  24. They did talk about this but I’m pretty sure they said that this was something random production put up because there was a glare/reflection on that window so they were always putting up stuff to hide it.


  26. I have been searching high and low for this exact comment too!! I forgot to screenshot the first time. Ty!!

  27. I looked at your face for a solid 60 seconds and couldn’t figure out what asymmetry you were talking about if that helps

  28. Ha, you're sweet. My whole face is asymmetrical but particularly my eyes are very different shapes/sizes. That's where my eyeliner concerns factor in.

  29. I’m really not even being nice! You have lovely eyes, maybe you can see slight asymmetry in yourself but I promise other people don’t. I actually have some pronounced asymmetry in my own eyes, and I apply eyeliner slightly thicker on the eye that shows more lid space and I extend the wing slightly longer on the eye I think is slightly smaller. It helps balance things. I DID have a super mean girl in middle school point out my asymmetry but I would never speak that way to another woman who wasn’t asking for opinions, so I don’t care for her opinion.

  30. That part enraged me. When they finished explaining what a cappuccino was you should’ve said “good job!”

  31. I like a short motorcycle jacket with a soft material like suede and hardware that’s not a bright metal. It hits above the waist so you can still see your shape.

  32. My teen and I find the whole "you'll smell like her ex" thing funny. We know that scent is strongly tied to memory, and we don't want our SOs to be thinking about an ex just because they smell that scent. So we deliberately find out what the ex's perfume was, and then wear the shit out of it to replace her scent memory with one of us. And it works!

  33. “I can smell you from over here” doesn’t… sound… like a compliment per se. And “you left a scent in the room when you walked out” sounds like maybe… it’s a little too strong for office wear :/

  34. In NEED of a dupe for the old formula of Sì by Giorgio Armani!!

  35. Thank you!! They are i just did a lash lift like two months ago because i have dry eyes and mascara really hurt my eyes but thankfully they were already long and a bit curly

  36. Imo it’s true that the shade range isn’t great for lighter tones. The lightest shade is too light for me, but the next shade up is way too dark. It’s definitely a bigger “jump” between shades than most other concealers, and there’s not a lot of variety in the undertones, either. A shame because the formula is amazing!

  37. Good to know. Hopefully the lightest shade would be my color if the next one is a big jump… thank you!

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