1. Moving into the state soon, but not soon enough to enjoy this I’m afraid. I’m sure this will be gone by July.

  2. Get ready to pay a premium. I still get most of mine from old plug. I get better stuff for recreational like prices

  3. I got some garlic sunset cookies. Not in stores yet! Lol. Better than most dispensary flower. Definitively a good hybrid and medicine. And 600mg Sourz 6 pk beats the heck out of anything sold in ohio. I feel like getting MM card has been a waste. Prices are too high for anyone needing relief all day/night of everyday. Ohio is most expensive in nation. WTF. Greed is bad .

  4. Just picked up Garlic Sunset Cookies. Anyone else tried this? So far it reminds me of garlic cookies. Terpene profile is so complex. Loving it..clean and smooth with body relaxation and some swollen eyes. Some might want to wait till later in day.

  5. You never see Republicans do anything like this.

  6. I want something stronger. It takes 600mg for me to get any relief from severe chronic pain and doesn't last long enough. They need to have a next tier for patients with severe illnesses. And prices are way too high. I get sourz 6pk 600mg for $20

  7. Bloom medicinals has 30% off weekly on select products.

  8. Best bang for your buck is at Bloom medicinals if stuck in ohio. They have sales and the others don't.

  9. God made cannabis right? They must at least believe that. And it became illegal because of US government and the companies lobbyists back in 1937. What a joke. I don't know what's worse, Trump Republicans or the fuckin church!!!

  10. Paid $9 for 200mg chocolate bars in ann arbor last week

  11. I'm seriously considering driving up there. Ohio sucks so bad!

  12. I get edibles Sourz 600mg pack all day long for less than 110mg pack costs at dispensary. Ate a whole pack after dabs and had to take two hr nap!

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