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  1. massive cope on your part. you fund the industrialized torture/killing of animals for the pleasure of taste. and instead of coming to terms with that, you tell yourself: “vegans don’t change anything! they’re just narcissists!” that mental gymnastics is honestly pathetic, grow the fuck up and at least own what you do

  2. I'm specifically talking about this 1 situation. OP will be paying a massive bill and is essentially forced to fund part of the hospital's budget for food no matter what they eat.

  3. sorry I didn't make it clear what I meant. I think most vegans are in it for a sense of personal purity which is grossly narcissistic. that doesn't mean the overall effects aren't good. but things like this annoy me because it's not about rationality or consequences.

  4. yes. if I had a penny for every time Adam Scott and Lizzy caplan....

  5. the theory is science has been disproven. these cameras are not real, brother. the telephone over which we are communicating is false. it is all static.

  6. yes, donors love to back candidates that promise to raise their taxes without any sort of loopholes. look at how effective carbon taxes have proven to be already.

  7. Vegan people are kinda dumb because they don’t know how many animals are killed to protect there food.also on top of that there plants have loads of chemicals in pesticides on them that run off into the local water supply witch causes more animals to die. Just saying

  8. this argument is moot, if it doesn't make sense to grow crops because of pesticides and environmental damage, then it really doesn't make sense to grow even more crops to feed to animals, which are tortured and produce tonnes of waste and emissions which then harm the environment further.

  9. drinking right now. I met my real father when I was 25 and it was only because he wanted to fuck my mom again.

  10. I'm at my favorite part of the episode right now where bat girl tells them don't waste your ammo on him shoot the Santa you know Harvey being a complete dope going like you wouldn't and then Montoya tells him to shoot the Santa hanging up with the Christmas lights

  11. I was almost annoyed at clayface getting progressively bigger but he's actually allowed to do that since his shape and size is fluid.

  12. light it up with a rig and smoke it, I'm pretty sure that's dabs.

  13. we don't. also there is no free will, you can't even define it. the self is just a data modeling system that is made up of neurological components each of which can be tweaked or removed. no self mens nothing to have free will. we are just hunks of meat, puppets of blind impulse amidst a sea of chaos and despair.

  14. ah yes, the green party which is infamous for their anti LGBT rhetoric.

  15. why's he look like he's wearing the sweater SpongeBob made out of his eyelashes?

  16. I think you did a great job explaining your thoughts/feelings 😁 since you asked, my statement was more of something to think about as opposed to questioning your writing

  17. idk what's gotten into me since last night. I'm usually more of a "state your thoughts and if they don't agree leave it alone" but I'm still arguing with this person and a few others on similar topics.

  18. they're a democratic socialist and I'd like a touchstone to see how what little bit of socialism I understand holds up against the "more practical" position of DS.

  19. Look, as popular as it is to say that big money decides elections... it doesn't. Voters Do.

  20. "ideas win votes, that's why politicians who represent the values of 45% or more of Americans hold 2 or 3 seats in Congress"

  21. Don't know if you're paying attention... but the progressive wing of the Democratic caucus includes like 60 members now... like 10 in the Senate and 50 in the House... thats not nothing considering 3 election cycles ago it was like 5 total.

  22. not likely, the IPCC has said we're passed several tipping points and every time they talk about reducing emissions it's something similar to "we need to reduce emissions by 80% by 2030 and we are currently on track to reduce by 1-3%"

  23. so boycotting is useless but... kind of boycotting and using adblocker will work. got it.

  24. I'd be panicking too much, I wouldn't be able to play. And for once, it wouldn't be because of performance anxiety.

  25. well know you've got something to fixate on next time you experience performance anxiety.

  26. no one, not even women, want the balls and asshole angle. that said this isn't the worst offender.

  27. these videos always play out exactly the same way. imagine if things had gone according to plan, you'd still be the guy who shot a bottle rocket out of his ass crack.

  28. Wow, I was a grocery clerk for a decade and that sounds like a fucking nightmare.

  29. Yes, I read your links. And they still don't tell me how voting for people who are doing things you dislike so much that you have to complain to people on the internet that the people you vote against didn't stop the people you voted for makes any sense. Or why Republicans are allowed to expect Democrats to stop the bad things you're complaining about, but not the other way around. Or, for that matter, why you wouldn't just complain about the Republicans who actually fucking did it.

  30. I actually did answer that in the post that I edited about an hour before your respond so you should have seen that. I wasn't complaining I was just noting that it was odd, in fact I'm glad the Dems are going after Trump.

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