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  1. You save first before going there for food?

  2. "Anson Mount's Pike" sounds like "Anson mounts pike" which sounds like "ANSON MOUNTS PIKE"

  3. You didn't know the best way to combat racism and fascism is to turn on people and hurt them physically and verbally? /s

  4. I was too so I automatically leave the water I've used, to take it, on the bench or side table after. If it's either empty or out of the fridge when I get up, then I've taken it. My L-thyroxine comes in a press out strip and I've recently started to mark out 7 tablets for the week, so I can double check that I've taken them all.

  5. Same here! Congratulations! Just curious.. I know that this is considered a gainer dose and based on weight. Do you mind tell us your age and weight? Just curious. I'm a 37 male @ 200lbs. I got 50mcg which I'm happy about but seems low for my body mass.

  6. Tiny house / van dweller lots. Most of the folks struggle to find land to setup on. And they will be willing to to travel somewhere remote. The structures are fully mobile and can be moved after 5 years.

  7. A stemmed glass like a wine glass. Some passes through the small gap and the bowl sits on top, sort of thing...

  8. Agree, get these guys caught, but the post I was replying to was wanting answers to why they did this.

  9. Motives are important. It adds context. Are these guys just desperate and killing for what they need? Are they just trying to tally up a body count? Is it linked to organized crime? These details are important for anyone who lives near there and are assessing risk.

  10. The amount of people wanting all the answers now is staggering. Let the police do their jobs. Let the victims heal. Let the families grieve. Let the communities mourn.

  11. The suspects are still at large, meaning this potentially isn't over yet. There's nothing wrong with wanting more information right now. Especially for people in the region. Climb down off your moral high horse.

  12. You want to government to do what about this private company?

  13. The best way to correct the market is with our wallets. Unless absolutely necessary, find other ways to travel than fly. The hotel industry is just as bad. We need to reserve our cash for industries that are actually trying.

  14. Recently had a late night flight cancellation and had to stay overnight in Vancouver. Air Canada stated that the flight was canceled due to “safety” and no hotels would be provided. So people just slept in the airport waiting to be booked onto other flights. Safety in this case meant they didn’t have enough staff to fly. It’s so bad right now.

  15. They say they are short on staff but still have not reinstated the pay cuts they imposed on flight staff during Covid. I'm no expert but it really seems like they are just using Covid as an excuse to charge surge pricing with minimal staff and shitty service. Profiteering is exactly right.

  16. If you cover the tree shadow with your thumb your brain fixes the perspective.

  17. Agreed. Also the retard thing was originally a joke too. People say it now like they're proud of being dumb, ignorant, and genuinely enjoy losing money.

  18. YUP For a programmer like me, use an ia to create some picture represent my dream project are incredibly usefull !

  19. Dalle2 for pure AI creations and something like Luminar AI for picture editing. AI will for sure revolutionize video editing/movies/tv shows/anime but I wouldn't consider it a social media.

  20. Or just literally make an app that is what IG used to be. Before it became borderline unusable.

  21. All these people planning on having a million dollars and owning their homes. Who else here will be working until they die and own nothing?

  22. jurassic park dilos are the correct size actually, the one that attacked dennis was an adolescent, even dennis said "i thought it was one of your big brothers" implying he was worried it was an older specimen

  23. The movies don't follow the books. Jurassic World Dominion has dilophosaurs and they are small like JP1. Also, nowhere in any Jurassic Park media (except the first novel) will you find 10ft dilophosaurs. It's an interesting take that Nedry thought it might have been an older specimen but throughout the movie it was made clear that Nedry is a bit clueless. He meant he thought it was a larger dinosaur.

  24. The Ark dilo is inspired by the Jurassic Park version which is not based on actual fossils. There's no evidence they had neck frills or spit poison -- that's all movie fiction. They did have that signature head crest but were much larger than pop culture depictions.

  25. Of course Starfield will release this year. I’d bet money it won’t get delayed.

  26. I have worked hard for 30 years. What the fuck do you want me to do. Also not taking homes from anyone, I would be providing for people to 'rent' to.

  27. Buy one house for yourself and live in it. Find something else to do with your extra money that doesn't involve inflating the house market for first-time home buyers. More homeowners are needed, not more landlords.

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