1. My problem with it is why the change? Why change his iconic head? It's like if they decided to change Optimus head without the facemask and his "ears".

  2. There's not much left, considering most of his armor was used to make Crux Terminatus. The Dark Angels had/had his right gauntlet but they also used it.

  3. The whole Crux Terminatus could be a bogus for what we know. It could simply be a lie to "comfort" the Terminator wearing it, thinking the Emperor's with him, ya know?

  4. That hooded helmet slaps nuts, but how does he fit the wings under there? Does he remove them when he wants to look extra cool?

  5. Maybe it works like Wolverines claws, he can pull them up whenever he wants to.

  6. Imposible for sure. I cannot believe any modern live service will last that long

  7. We're close for 10 years with Destiny next year. Now, to be fair, Destiny has 2 games but originally it was never ment to be a sequel. It was Activision wanting to do the yearly COD with Destiny.

  8. It's been confirmed to be mechanicums doing in the "Hammer and Bolter" show. It's the first episode in fact.

  9. I’ve got a different question for this shader.

  10. It's supposed to be the shader for the seasonal Eververse armor. It's the first time they've done this.

  11. I wish for Strike specific loot and for it to be the helmet of Bracus Zahn.

  12. I honestly wish it was still like this lmao, then we could have a competition between it and an athrys’ embrace throwing knife.

  13. It was like this in D1. It most likely used the same code as this one since Bungie started developing Destiny before Reach even came out.

  14. No. Have it all be practical. The civil war retractable helmets looked bad when there was a CGI body under the real head. It looked weird.

  15. Floating heads are a common criticism but you got like 60 ⬇️ wtf

  16. I don't know. All I said was that the CGI looked bad in Civil War when it came to the head on CGI Iron Man suits.

  17. Looks badass but he serves the empire now, traitor.

  18. Not that we know of. We know Scorch is with them but we don't know where the rest of the squad is.

  19. Better question, why did everyone completely forget Elizabeth Cross exists after chapter 6? You'd think Kendra or Hammond would've been interested in finding a survivor that wasn't batshit insane

  20. I forgot about her too, honestly. The twist made me go "ooooh, damn I forgot about her" and I think that's cool. It's like in Endgame, when Hulk snaps all people back but you forget about all of that when shits going down and only remember when you hear Falcon in the radio.

  21. Every year we get 2 raid (1 new, 1 reprised) wonder What they'll do when they run out of reprised raids.

  22. Reprised D2 raids. I hope that happens, because that Scourge armor is cool looking.

  23. Art is subjective. I personally like it but I won't try and sway ya.

  24. In Cyberverse, I'm pretty sure he didn't know what would happen but in the Netflix show he absolutely knew it was gonna doom his planet.

  25. I got two. Just because it was an easy raid doesn't mean it's a bad raid. Some raids shouldn't take 6 hours to complete. People have lives. Also, the armor looks great.

  26. You had in me in the first half. The armor comment was not it, mate.

  27. Really? A man of Grimdank not knowing the legend of Bricky? He's Youtuber who does a lot of Warhammer 40k and did the

  28. Adeptus Ridiculous is great. They're the genious idiots behind this great animation/story:

  29. I really want to ask Bunhoe why they thought adding the Mars Hesit Battleground to the Nightfall list was a good idea? Did anyone test it before they released it? Do they think when we asked for more challenge that we would want THIS?

  30. Slaneesh? That's a Drukhari and they don't serve her.

  31. They feed themselves the essence of their victims by all ammounts of torture in order to keep themselves young and fresh. None of that is given to Slaneesh.

  32. In my opinion they should have no story significance and just focus on fun multiplayer with maps designed after set pieces from the campaign. Having it be a "simulation" where other Spartans fight each other is one of my least favorite things when multiplayer games try to make a story of why they're fighting. There are only a few games where it makes sense and do it somewhat well like Destiny, because in canon can revive each other. Titanfall 2 has maps that are in a simulation and they even show the player go in the simulation before the match starts so it immerses you even more.

  33. D1 Cabal looks way cooler than the D2 versions. Cooler armor and variety in legions. I recently played D1 and I don't see why they changed it since you cam easily stagger them by shooting them in the foot or the arm that's exposed.

  34. Vex are already a pain in the ass due to their crit spot being small AND they can block it. Harpees just makes them look easy by comparison.

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