1. I’m from here, went to college 200 miles away, and came home to report on this event for the school newspaper. I could probably dig up the video if that would help?

  2. My script is in that group. Doesn’t that mean I need to read from one of the other groups?

  3. Gosh, I remember commenting that and thinking I had fixed it. My bad, Group B!

  4. when can we start reading each others scripts? The anticipation is killing me! no rush to the mods of course just curious.

  5. We are in the final phases of approving scripts so very soon! We will keep everyone up to date

  6. Entirely possible I missed this somewhere—my apologies if so—but can non-submitters be readers and/or judges? How does that work?

  7. Why would Don work for the Reagan campaign? His background would probably be investigated. I think it's more likely that he'd start working at an early tech company bc it's new and relies on selling vision.

  8. I can't find a source but I feel like I remember Hamm joking that Don would work for Reagan one day. I think after being the "Buy the World a Coke" guy, the campaign would be eager to have him but yes obviously the security clearances for the White House would be a different story.

  9. I'd like a subject besides aliens. I feel like I only have one take on them and I already did it.

  10. The condition is boxing it in a bit—at least in my mind—but maybe subject: mad scientist…?

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