1. NTA. File a police report. Report to your insurance company that your stepsister stole the keys after being forbidden to drive your car. They'll pursue her insurance company to pay. And then stop leaving your keys unattended! You're living with a thief, you've got to protect your property.

  2. NTA. She's an adult. You've provided her with a room of her own for free until now, but you can't afford to do that anymore. Her choice is, indeed, to follow your rules or figure out how to live elsewhere with roommates. It's troubling that she thinks "live with you while contributing nothing and following no rules" is a legitimate longterm plan.

  3. YTA. Go to the doctor! Get actual medical advice about whether your daughter's weight is healthy and what to do if it isn't! What you are doing is likely to lead to lifetime eating problems, and also won't help you one bit to find out whether there is some underlying medical problem causing her to be dangerously underweight.

  4. I'm going to go against the grain and say ESH. Your wife and her friends shouldn't still be salty about it, but read the room. If everyone is venting about how hard something is, saying "actually I find it really easy!" will not make you well liked. You could have just said that you were happy being a stay-at-home dad without volunteering "this thing that you're struggling with right now is super easy for me," which isn't generally polite.

  5. YTA. "Revenge" against the mother of your daughter won't help this situation. Go to court, ask for joint custody. Don't start shit unnecessarily. You have years more of co-parenting in front of you. Be calm and focus on getting a good custody agreement legally in place.

  6. Unlike many YouTube popcorn recipes, this should actually work, but it's going to give you a thin layer of hard, crunchy caramelized sugar speckling your popcorn. You will have better luck with a recipe using butter, cream, and/or corn syrup to help create a thick sauce that will coat the popcorn.

  7. ESH. Your grandmother, obviously, for the things she said. And you, because you can't leave an elderly person alone in a parking lot. You should have ended the outing and taken her home.

  8. Based on info in comments about what her father said, ESH. You shouldn't have called her "less of a person." She shouldn't allow her racist father into your life until he's willing to apologize for his remarks and make an effort to change, and she certainly shouldn't enmesh your lives with him by working at the same company. Your wife does not consider her father's racism a dealbreaker, despite having a mixed-race stepson. Figure out what you're going to do about that moving forward.

  9. I've used Knorr powdered hollandaise (which requires butter and milk, not just water). It won't taste like you made it from scratch, but I like the way it does taste. Just like box mac and cheese is not real, made from scratch macaroni and cheese ... but box mac and cheese still tastes good when you want cheese-flavored pasta fast. Just have reasonable expectations.

  10. Most likely is that you're not hitting the middle of the steak with your thermometer -- you're pushing it too far and getting the hot outside of the steak. Take the steak off the grill, slide the thermometer in at an angle, and make sure it's reading 160 in the dead center of the steak if you want it well done.

  11. YTA. You don't get to control what your girlfriend wears. She is wearing clothes, in her own house, which she gets to do. If you don't like what she wears, break up; she clearly does not believe in whatever concept of "modesty" you are invested in.

  12. NTA. You can call yourself whatever you want. You don't have to ever date if you don't want to. Your sister is being a jerk.

  13. YTA. You dumped 9 years of parenting on your ex because you weren't feeling it. The least you can do now is not undermine her rules. Consistency is what's best for your kid. Stop playing "the fun parent" and agree to rules that are the same between both houses.

  14. YTA. She's looking for reassurance, not a 100% accurate prediction of the future. Probably the dog will be fine. That's what "yes" means. "I don't know" means "I think something bad might well happen to the dog, although it's not certain that it will." Don't say that. Tell her the dog will be fine. The dog will, almost certainly, be fine.

  15. ESH. You can't just flake on your kids or choose when to be a parent, no. But couldn't the two of you have made plans before the baby was actually here? If you'd asked your ex well in advance if she could keep your younger kids the week the baby's born, and prepared your younger kids by telling them "the week the baby's born you'll stay with mom, but you'll have extra time with me the following week and can meet the new baby then," this might not have blown up.

  16. Yes, you can use a stainless steel pan with an oven safe lid for your pot roast, but let's back up. Hard pot roast is usually a sign of undercooking, not overcooking. The meat will turn brown all the way through long before it is tender and ready to serve. I would go lower than 400F; 350 or even 300 will work better, or use the slow cooker. Assuming your roast is 3-5 pounds, start with 3 hours of cook time in the oven, 4 in the slow cooker on high, or 6 in the slow cooker on low. If it's not tender when you check it, add more cook time.

  17. thank you for responding! i genuinely didn’t know that, i always thought it was over cooked because it was tough & brown all the way through (similar to a very well done steak), i would compare it to others i seen online where theirs looked pink & tender. i’ll try 300 for the first 1.5-2 hours then raise to 350 for the final hour? the roast is just under 3lbs (2.97). is there a way i’ll know it’s tender vs if it’s under or over? last time i went based on touch i thought it was overcooked lol, thank you again for the advice!

  18. When you're simmering a pot roast in liquid, you won't get toughness from overcooking. Cooking low and slow in the braising liquid is what eventually relaxes the muscle fibers and give you the tenderness you want. An overcooked pot roast will eventually fall apart to mush. Go by texture; if you stick a fork in it and the meat shreds easily, it's tender enough to eat. If you're still having to jam that fork in there like you're poking a steak, keep cooking.

  19. YTA. If you're inviting everyone else with their partners, you need to invite Marissa with her partners. Sucking up to bigoted family is not a good way to start a marriage.

  20. Slow your roll. Writing is not a sprint, it's a marathon. If you have a writing career in front of you, it's decades long. You probably won't be able to successfully self-publish your book and make a profit while you are in high school. I suggest putting this manuscript aside and starting your next book. Come back to this one when you can look at it with fresh eyes. And maybe figure out where your feeling that "your time and life will get stolen from you" as an adult comes from -- being an adult is generally an improvement on being a high school student, I promise.

  21. NTA, but coming up with some small talk that's not revealing of your personal life will help you get along in office work. Do you have plans this weekend? "Oh, running some errands, catching up on some TV. Have you seen any good shows lately?" Do you want to do Secret Santa? "I'm not that into gift exchanges, but I always like the decorations this time of year. What is your family doing for Christmas?" If you have a pet, you're home free. "[insert cute pet anecdote.] Do you have pets/how are your pets doing?"

  22. NTA. You say in comments that you don't live with your partner, so this isn't your partner's business or problem. You don't have to prove to a partner who doesn't live with you that you're "responsible enough to take care of a pet." Your partner is not your parent. But if your partner doesn't want to live with a cat, and you want to keep your cat, put the brakes on any plans to live together.

  23. NTA. Good for you for taking in your brother. Your experience with getting disability services will be invaluable in getting him the help that he needs. Just try to let your aunt's complaints roll off your back; you're doing everything right.

  24. NTA. I would be super blunt at this point: "For the next gift-giving occasion, I will send you a list. I want you to give me at least one thing from the list. If you also get me things that aren't on the list, I don't want humorous gifts or gifts for the whole family. I want to be clear that it is a serious problem in our marriage if you won't make that much of an effort. Do you understand what I'm asking for and promise to do it?" If his answer is "no," it's couples counseling time. If his answer is "yes, I promise" and the next holiday is just as bad, it's couples counseling time at that point.

  25. YTA. The "no kids 5 and under" also excludes other kids in the family. It is not a personal insult to you or your 5-year-old. It's a clear rule that even your kids should be able to understand: "you have to be six years old to be old enough to go to this wedding." Take your 7-year-old with you and let her have a good time.

  26. YTA. Your daughter is in college. Maybe she's a lesbian, maybe she's bi, maybe she's experimenting, who knows! It's 100% none of your business. What is your business is how she pays for college, but at this age, all you can do is be clear about consequences: "If you lose your soccer scholarship, we can't pay your tuition. You'll need to make a plan for how to pay for college after X date." And then let her make her own choices.

  27. NTA. This is a basic need that it's his responsibility as a parent to provide. Tell a counselor or trusted teacher at your school that you don't have any period products in the house and that your father says he can't afford to buy any. They should be able to help you get what you need.

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