1. Top 12 please! For those of us picking 12th!

  2. This is a good plan. Just either end it or allow subs.

  3. In the animal kingdom if a Falcon beat a Panther that would be a complete upset. Kinda like when I went to Hooters on Easter and none of the girls were wearing rabbit ears (fucking disgraceful). In football the laws aren’t the same though. The Panther is ugly with its clashing blue jersey and no name teammates (seriously other then Moore I can’t name one person who plays for this team. I vaguely remember Cam tbh). The Falcon supports a fiery red with black accents to add to its mean persona. We dominate in fashion, explosiveness, and longevity in this league.

  4. Someone tell them that's Ozuna from the Braves

  5. While we are waiting out the rain, let us all participate in the proven ancient tradition together:

  6. So, I clicked it And then ofc got suckered in and watched the whole episode lol

  7. Don Mattingly brings his own diet coke to restaurants.

  8. Choose one: White House or Waffle House

  9. qlr1 says:

    Braves are coming to Arlington again. Yay me!

  10. First thing I looked for lol. Woo hoo

  11. We used to be NFC West with the Cowpokes and 9ers.

  12. Cowboys were not in NFC West with us back in the day

  13. What is you have Josh Allen? Which would you keep?

  14. Lol bottom right kid trolling with mic placement And possible-intentional bird too

  15. Riley wants to have the week off. He’s got a baby at home

  16. You still pick him and let him decline. Being selected is still an honor, and one he deserves, even if he doesn't attend.

  17. Situation. How many of those other guys in that tier are tied to a great young QB and also have a bona fide #1WR opposite them drawing all the double coverage? And are young? You could argue a few, but that's why the community thinks Tee is sexy and he floats to the top of the tier. Like you said, it isn't that far of a stretch.

  18. But having a bonafide number 1 on the other side also caps their upside. The bengals had to put up ungodly numbers down the stretch to sustain top tier performance out of chase and Higgins.

  19. I don't disagree with any of you guys. But I think those are the reasons he gets perceived at 6. I have Tee and view him as a solid #2 that will also likely pull a monster league high score game once or twice a year. If I had to play against him, I'd probably think "Dang please don't be the week he drops 50 pick some other week please." Few guys would scare me like that.

  20. We're all just assuming the RB1, without even mentioning him, aren't we? Lol

  21. Prime Time and Brian Jordan, Deion's helicopter ride, 2 Legit 2 Quit and Dirty Birds, Murph's Power Alley poster, Chief Noc-a-homa, 82's 13-0 start

  22. Whatever this is, it is missing Bobby Petrino and John Rocker

  23. Sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers.

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