Ukrainian soldiers met in Kherson the way Putin excepted them to meet Russian forces

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  1. Nice work. If you are ever in need of photography services my wife and I shoot boudoir and glamour in Dunedin.

  2. That high cut outfit would work really well with full-length standing shots that emphasize legs. Could also be really nice in black and white and possibly high key. Am sure you'll find some great fashion or glamour poses online with the help of Google.

  3. All I did was grab the chain from my kink room and throw it over the bed 😂 I’m a bit spoiled. I designed my studio to be just how I like it

  4. Well it pays to have the already impressive bed. So the kink room is part of the studio?

  5. Great set up. Very textured set. Looks like it could work great with low key shots.

  6. If you don't wear heels stand on tip toes to create a more flattering look. And, if you do wear heels, arch your back to pop the booty a touch, it will help create nice curves, especially from a more side-on or three-quarter angle.

  7. I have used pinterest, pin up books and calendars, classic playboy, and online content producers like MetArt to help me compile a solid collection of poses and inspiration for shoots.

  8. Was wondering if those frosted windows are lit with natural light or controlled in some way. Or are they just light panels masquerading as windows as part of a built set?

  9. Great question and I have to say the simplest answer is the right answer. Literally just an overcast day.

  10. Lucky you. I used to occasionally shoot in a tower room that had windows on 5 of the 6 sides and nothing could beat it for lovely soft light on an overcast day.

  11. I always like to incorporate some eyes looking down or closed eyes shots to show off the great eye makeup and lashes of clients.

  12. Good stuff. Arching the back for a booty pop works great with this pose.

  13. Would a cheapish external field monitor that connects by HDMI to your camera and can be mounted on your camera's hot shoe by something like a magic arm be a possible solution?

  14. If you do a good job, yes. Jessica Nipperess, a 15 year old Australian from a small town made a horror comedy short called Devil Bean. That film was then screened as part of The American Pavilion's Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

  15. Your usage request seems unethical and morally dubious to me. That is not your perosnal information and not your document. It was submitted to you in an uneditible format and you are looking for a way to alter someone else's information - very fishy. I can see no reason why you as an employer would need to do this; their resume is not your company records.

  16. If you get vintage Asahi Pentax Takumar glass you'll find the focus rings on those have bumpy peaks and troughs that aren't really suited to the tilta or smallrig seamless focus rings. make customized rings for these lenses that are a perfect fit. The only downside is that they are much more expensive than the tilta or smallrig products.

  17. First we have to get the parents to actually care. I had a chat to a senior detective in Porirua where I live about crime in the area (mainly burglaries). All the kids who are committing these crime are well known to police. It's also well known that their parents are often putting them up to it because they know the penalties for their child getting caught are minor when compared to themselves. The most prolific burglar in our area is an 8 year old.

  18. Do we need a new kind of grooming law for the criminals and organised crime groups who exploit young people in the context of crime?Because there are elements who definitely exploit the leniency shown to youth offenders and prey on vulnerable young people with the intention of making them their proxies and pulling them onto the dark path of career crime. It is a dastardly behaviour that perverts youth , destroying hope and prospects for a future in normal society in favour of the shadow world of gangs and crime.

  19. If your primary issue is battery, you could potentially rig it up with a dummy battery and an external battery solution. Will save you shelling out for a new camera.

  20. Not all heroes wear capes, some carry hard hats and tools.

  21. God speed good sons and daughters. Safe hunting to you all.

  22. What a heart-warming and joyous sight for the people and heroes of Ukraine.

  23. I bought the 16mm lens today, and I was kinda regreting the purchase because I thought the other ones would be better because I thought it would be to close.

  24. What do you mean by 'I thought it would be too close'?

  25. You should have details on the side of it. Most likely watts, volts, and pin base coding as well as manufacturer's code for the unit.

  26. I’ll try this. Indoors i usually focus at the farthest wall. What about smaller rooms? Bathrooms? Does focusing midway work also?

  27. I don't know why you are focusing on the 'farthest wall', but that is definitely part of your problem for getting less than satisfactory results. For example if you stand at a doorway focus on the farthest wall and begin a movement into a space your plane of focus is going shift, so say you walk a few meters into the space your plane of focus has now shifted a few meters beyond the farthest wall. With focus there is the old rule of given the distance to your focal plane, lens focal length, aperture there is a shifting relative area of focus that extends 1/3 in front your focal plane and 2/3 behind. This amount changes, but you should be able to find a site that will give you the info on how much this focus area extends in front and behind your focal plane at your given distance, f stop, and your specific lens choice.

  28. Yup. Mud does not discriminate. On the plus side: the enemy can't move his troops or equipment around very well & supplying them is a nightmare. Downside: the exact same thing applies to you.

  29. Seems like great hunting conditions for the drones. The Ukrainians have shown themselves to be very adaptive and I expect that will continue into winter warfare too.

  30. Taiwan is a huge producer of semi conductors, some of which end up in weapons, so technically it is already part of the weapons production chain.

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