Ryan Cohen on Twitter: Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls. Wearing this. Wearing only this.

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  1. Plot twist - OP is Kenny G and the meme is true

  2. Could not even if they wanted to, which they didn't

  3. It's telling that they needed to create 1 trillion to try and contain the stock from soaring. Let's take that as a positive (if outrageously criminal)

  4. Not to quote Robert California, but... everything is sex

  5. At least put a bit of time and effort into your post, jeez, this must have taken what, like mere months?

  6. “Thank you for giving me that in writing, any potential future employers will receive a copy to understand why I’m considered not re-hirable with your company.”

  7. Reddit has a similar structure if you zoom out far enough. Honestly, I'm not sure, looking forward to seeing some sensible contributions.

  8. The Witness - a masterpiece of a puzzle game that is so so much more.

  9. As if the Chairman of a huge company would communicate a secret message through the belt buckle in a children's book...

  10. We're getting the same downvotes too! I just thought it was an interesting thing to get right when acquisitions started being discussed by Matt Finestone...

  11. Looks like I'm going to have an extra 100 confidence soon after that GME earnings call and I'm already 100% confident in my investment decision.

  12. Click your avatar and there's a Reddit recap. Also on the home screen.

  13. Cheers. A casual 340 hours for me, just passing through...

  14. Some more hints for the gunters in us:

  15. Yeah that must be a deliberate misspelling as joke right? It's all about the details but we messed up on the detail.

  16. Chill bro its my first one, and i’m only 3 weeks old

  17. By the law of transition, if he knows your wife, you know him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, you could say that you are part of Papacohen's intimate circle 😉

  18. Im still watching but watching him debunk his own tweets it feels like the end of an era

  19. I think he is still being coy and clever because he can't fully talk about them yet. Like what he was chatting with Mr Icahn about

  20. What would you say if you can't speak about it and are put on the spot?

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