1. What are we coming to do to make your work day more exciting?

  2. I know all about work being slow... The upside is that you can still make people happy! Like me right now. If I were to post nudes I'd probably get hate mail. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Please ride my face like a rocking horse

  4. If I could only walk in on you while taking sexy pics 😍🔥

  5. I would be confused why a dude would be in the ladies room

  6. The Boston boys were an inside job and nothing can tell me otherwise.

  7. Thank you!!! I’ve been saying that for years. Pats out our these “coaches” to fuck teams up and over. It’s obvious

  8. Na, but would love to complete your relaxation with oils and a massage. I’ll try not to concentrate on those curls tits

  9. Think I might end up fucking another baby into you

  10. Let’s do it. Love your tits. 💕

  11. I want to suck your nipples while you light up

  12. Glorious breasts, would love to run my tongue around your areolas and nibble your hard nipples 😈

  13. Dude, maybe people from Colorado Springs know this, perhaps even people from Colorado, but this isn't common knowledge. Don't be lazy; spell things like this out.

  14. “Your” tax dollars will keep him alive after he took the lives of innocents.

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