1. Favicons are cached in different ways for different browsers. Some (most?) cache the favicon based on the domain of the website. If you visit a different part of the NYT site (say a news article, or spelling bee), you will get a different favicon for that page (a “T”, or the bumble bee logo), and that favicon may be put in the local browser cache for all of “”. This may cause you to see the “wrong” favicon for wordle. It goes the other way too, in that you may see the wordle favicon on a NYT article or some other part of the NYT website as well.

  2. Sorry, wasn't trying to have a dig at Scoredle which is really cool and very clear about what it does!

  3. No no, I totally get it and I really appreciate what you’ve done! Scoredle is a simple, compute-on-the-fly system that approaches, but definitely doesn’t achieve, optimal performance. I love seeing people (like you) who take the time to get the analysis right.

  4. I've been making a list of words that should be Solutions, but for whatever reason they are not currently on the Solution list. I already had PAGER at the top of the list. Other words on my list include CODER, TECHY, PACER, PINOT, PAYER, and YAHOO. I didn't know about SQUID. I think it has a valid claim for the #1 spot on the list along side PAGER 📟

  5. This is a great list to use in response to "Why does Scoredle include ANY words that aren't on the answer list?"

  6. Did you ever get a chance to check out those 2 or 3 new starter words I sent last week? (DM/PM)

  7. I haven’t had a chance to do all the math I would like to, but I hope to do so this weekend!

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