1. I tried it just now and he couldn't guess whiplash, got him there.

  2. I got him with king novik, vega, samur, the armored baron and the blood maykr. He ain't as smart as people think

  3. Honestly could have worded that caption under the image better but otherwise looks awesome

  4. How horrible, it makes me sick to think where this is going. I need to take a break from seeing this and go play doom for 7 hours straight

  5. In halo reach a member of the noble team named kat was killed by an elite zealot with a needler rifle, she took the blast clean through the head in a cutscene, that's why people don't like it, because it refrences her death.

  6. If the world was actually nice towards furries, then fuck yes, but sadly I told one of my closest friends I was a furry 2 months ago, he hasn't spoken to me since. So unfortunately as much as I would love that, I have to say no

  7. I'll be honest, I've only heard BFG division twice in doom eternal, and that's in the Ripatoriam and in Mars Core. I don't know exactly how the music works, but I think in both games the tracks are tied by level, with a rotation of tracks that can play. Don't quote me, but that seems to be how it works, but I could be wrong.

  8. Maybe a title or a weapon skin, but nothing special I believe

  9. You mean hoooww do you drag out woooords eevveenn loooonger?

  10. Why did my mind instantly, without fail go to cortana from halo

  11. Been trying that for 2 weeks now, enjoy your green balista 👍 c':

  12. Stolas, no question. I don't think I need to explain myself either.

  13. Marauder's introduction, makes me wish he had more character development instead of being just another enemy type

  14. I 100% agree, the lines were so badass and I wish we would have heard more of it, instead of just the augh of him getting shot/killed. Especially considering the marauder shares a voice actor with Alastor from hazbin hotel, which I am a massive fan of, just makes it 1000x cooler to me. Really wish we got more cutscenes/personality from the marauder.

  15. Yes, 100% agree, i waited to get the gold edition, so i haven't even played 8. I also can't get it until Tuesday, so yeah, those that tag with spoilers are legends.

  16. Little tip if you want to include a small detail (ignore if you're going more for the Eternal Suit rather than the 2016 Suit) The praetor suit from doom 2016 actually has the mark of the beast in grey on the lower right of the chest plate, it's as small as the helmet one so I feel like people miss it a lot.

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