1. I gotta payment due today like 500 damn dollars. Maybe I’ll just drop and not pay🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. If the integral is originally with respect to the variable x, then the limits of integration are from x=a (lower limit) to x=b (upper limit).

  3. You could also change the variable back to x and substitute the original limits of integration as well but when I do definite integration with substitution I often prefer to change the limits of integration to u myself.

  4. I would say sign up for BC and if your grades slip in precalculus ask if you can drop to AB before your junior year begins (I'm sure there is a window where you can change your mind). A good teacher can make a big difference.

  5. Well never get better cuz they’ll never fire the head coach

  6. How can they not fire him? 3 consecutive 20 loss seasons???

  7. That's not how the game is played! You're supposed to say a phrase that Raj says and whether he said it to Emily or Cinnamon.

  8. Well I am a man so if you don't care to please men, enjoy being single. Or you can always be as lesbian.

  9. find if population is normal using conditions

  10. I think it would have been a terrible injustice to have ended the series after the high school years, a lot of stories developed in the college years. I think ending after the college years might have been a decent idea, after Brandon left the show really to me felt pointless.

  11. If you don't really like science and don't have to, you shouldn't feel the need to take science. Psychology or statistics might be better for a business major/career, a world language could give you more experience in dealing with international companies or customers.

  12. I should definitely get some nude/lighter tights. I think it would look a lot better as well. Thanks

  13. Is it just me or are almost all of the tights I see these days black (especially on this board)? What happened to "nude/lighter tights"?

  14. Pants so you don't have to wear pantyhose and you can be more comfortable.

  15. Can't go wrong with Sandra, I mean she won it twice. Or Tony for the same reason and he won Winners At War.

  16. If you get a chance to take AP Physics Mechanics, take it when you can, you can always take AP Biology senior year. If you wait for senior year to take AP Physics they may drop it for low enrollment and you'll wish you could have taken it junior year.

  17. Like the dress but think it would look better without the boots and pantyhose.

  18. Can they replace the snotty rich kids instead?

  19. I’m assuming you want to do a round trip, so here’s a summary of your main options which you can then do in reverse to return.

  20. If you live in Philly, Capital Limited Chicago to Washington and Northeast Regional to Philadelphia is also possible. I did that last time (actually I did it to Trenton since Trenton is closer to where I live).

  21. It happens so rarely I hardly notice it and the wild card often is seen to me as an extra consonant in the bonus round and the payoff there is usually larger. Theoretically you have to get to the bonus round to be able to use it and using it in the main game in an opportune time guarantees you get there but maybe contestants have that in mind as well?

  22. I am going to try to say this as nicely as possible, but there is a reason your brackets are near the bottom of the rankings on the bracket matrix. Without any writeup either here or on your site to explain your methodologies, the only thing one can assume is that you don't quite understand the selection/seeding process.

  23. Well it only lets you post a link when you post a link and I wrote comments at the bottom of the FanPost.

  24. Fairly new to the series (seen Ben’s season, Colton’s season [f**k that guy], Jojo’s season, and Gabby/Rachel season) and I’m completely blanking. Who is the guy sitting next to her?

  25. Clayton, the Bachelor of the season Rachel originally came from.

  26. Loved Sarah on The Bachelor/BIP. So sorry for her loss.

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