AITA for forbidding my sister to meet my child and telling my wife to butt out of the situation?

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AITA for telling my fiance that he needs to pick a new best man?

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  1. YTA for how you responded when called out. You don’t argue with someone when they say “don’t call me/us that”.

  2. I moved here three months ago. Closest gas station was 2.85 in late November (something I hadn’t seen for years). That same one is now 3.29. I’m wondering for this area if it’s the peak or would it go higher?

  3. $2.85 was a low point and gas has gone back up, but way better than the almost $4 we saw last summer.

  4. Meal prep on the weekend. You can make the entire meal and split it into multiple containers for easy lunches.

  5. What kind of containers do you use? I'm looking for sturdy plastic containers that don't stain.

  6. I’ve switched to glass now that I work from home full time.

  7. 1200 for three kids is nothing. My kiddo is already 12 - so way past daycare age - but even for only him we already paid 2k per month (slightly less once he was potty trained). Granted, we live in a very expensive area, but I think OP is delusional if he thinks that he can get anything close to the current deal that he gets.

  8. OP pays more, MIL loses $1200 per month. Lose lose situation but definitely for the better.

  9. The fact “you’ve never heard of something” means nothing, other than you’ve somehow missed out on common knowledge.

  10. "There’s no exact lifespan we can give you, and it varies from area to area — it depends how many surges occur in your area as well as how many joules your protector can absorb. Many people recommend replacing a surge protector every two years or so, while others recommend replacing it every ten years, but any recommendation like this one can only be a rule of thumb."

  11. Looks exactly like my non branded APC surge protector that’s served me for a good 8-10 years.

  12. YTA. How did you not know the school was closing early? I get a freaking text, an email, and a voicemail from the school every time my kids’ schools close early.

  13. You’d be amazed. Many of my friends don’t find out about teacher work days until the day before, and at least one has taken their son to school to find it’s closed. And that’s from my experience and this year alone.

  14. "Autopilot" in planes does not mean that the pilots do not have to be alert and ready to take over in case it cannot navigate the current situation correctly. Whether it realises so by itself or not. There is a reason that planes with autopilot still have pilots.

  15. That could be even slower I think.

  16. I dated a guy for far too long… his mom literally told me “I did everything for my kids” (meaning serve them hand and foot)…. Yes, yes, I know.

  17. My mom said and literally did this we me. The difference is that I hated it. I was smart and empathetic enough to see her behavior was hurting the family even though it benefited me.

  18. same. i was inhibited from doing chores and not taught how to when asked, was told to just look it up. felt guilty for not contributing but wasnt taught or allowed to. i didnt even want her to do stuff for me, wouldve rather done it on my own.

  19. Oh wow. That’s rough. I too understand the stress dynamic. My daughter is so sweet and has always wanted to help, but when I’m stressed for time I have to say “go play, we need to get this done now.”

  20. Mine was high, but not much higher than last year. I think I was at $110, and now it was $140. I attribute my increase to forgetting to lower the heat when I left for the day a few times.

  21. Same. Higher but not much and easily explained by the colder temps.

  22. You're not wrong: mine was $182 in this time last year, but I just paid $267 two days ago.

  23. What does this mean for the elemental resistances on equipment? Do they even matter? Or is it best to spend your energy on the matching “resistant type matching your equipment? As in use resist crushing if your weapon using the crushing type.

  24. I don’t know enough or haven’t tested the elemental resistances. Heard they may be bugged.

  25. That is even worse! I thought its been maybe already about 2-3 years when he recommended it. But even after this timespan it would have been harsh. I can totally understand why you just wanted to leave and I am sure after some time she will too.

  26. The parents also need to be willing to accept “No” for an answer, and the Dad totally missed that memo.

  27. Hell yeah, I have the 49th best card. Just made the list!

  28. I’m #50! Almost worried I wasn’t on the list.

  29. Trump's problem is less that he had the documents, and more that he refused to return them, stonewalled recovery, and hid them, thus forcing the DoJ to get a warrant and carry out a serch to get them back.

  30. No. The content mattered too. National Archives were actively looking for the documents because they were missing and important.

  31. A fucking McDonalds bro? That’s special? I am sorry but ive been dating him for a year and figured he’d know me better to know thats not somewhere I’d wanna go???

  32. That's how many 40 yr old fathers date. My "40 yr old father of 2" husband wants to date like this, and its cool with me because I am a 40 yr old mom of 2. We very rarely get to go on "real" dates, because its hard to manage that with young kids. I know we'll have more flexibility when the kids are older, so for now I'm thrilled that tomorrow we're grabbing Starbucks and shopping for a washing machine. Our in home dates are us sneaking snacks past the kids and trying not to fall asleep during whatever movie we pick. Our fun things, like pumpkin painting, are with our kids. We're busy and tired, but I dated this man in my 20's, and were married for our 30's. We have over a decade of cutesy dates in our history that make this crazy stage possible.

  33. INFO: What exactly are her concerns about the public school system? Does she actually have a well formed thought about it?

  34. My expectations when a JR Dev, or New Grad join my team are that they have good problem solving skills and understand programming fundamentals (OOP, control flow, types, etc), and maybe an early understanding of intermediate concepts (polymorphism, testing)

  35. Do you have an electric heat pump? I’m assuming you do but what to confirm.

  36. My husband's best friend had sister and another of their close friends who's a woman as groomswomen. The brides side wore pink and the groom's side wore black. Each side had 6 people and 8 of the wedding party excluding the bride were women. Have whoever you want on your side, I don't think it's weird at all

  37. I really like the idea of color matching in this way. Stealing for if I ever get married. My side will undoubtedly be mixed gendered or really small.

  38. I’m so happy to hear that you made a wonderful life for yourself even though you had to endure all this pain from people (parents) that were supposed to protect you.

  39. 100%. My ex was raised this way. Mexican family, mother in particular is traditional. Older brother received all the benefits and freedoms and the younger sister (my ex) received the minimum.

  40. One piece of advice is to not overlook the experience you gained from raising a family and building a business. Think about how that experience can be valuable to an employer even indirectly.

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