Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.1- "Enter the Dragon" (SECOND HALF OF FINALE)

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  1. Why does it feel they have their hands in the pockets of anyone not in the club

  2. Was let go from a great job about 20 yrs ago ( six figures) . Felt like a kick in the nuts . Ended up being the greatest gift work wise ever as I then partnered with another who was let go also a few days later. So I went out on my own with severance package they gave needless to say I’ve been my own boss , making more loot , able to make my own schedule, spending way more time with family. Ended up being the best gift I never wanted .

  3. Remember these greedy bastards love their wealth more then anything, I expect them to do whatever is needed so they don’t lose their wealth ( not speaking of Wall Street there fuk’d ) , they don’t want to see it shrink away . Ours shrinks so does theirs. Makes me all warm inside cause Fuk them .

  4. Still liking but 0-2 in NHL 3 stars last two days . And I’m with you can’t seem to pull off anything, we must be betting the same teams

  5. Hedgie blow up? Many other in the basket had larger then normal AH’s buys, I guess we’ll see Friday

  6. More fuking people familiar with the situation, worst trust me bro ever !

  7. Great I smoke a fatty before reading all of Burry trying to decipher ,now you come out with the straight skinny ?

  8. Looking good that over on Vegas killed a great run . It was an outlier, NHL is my money maker , so far so good with limited sample size ( getting stronger for sure ) Liking this a lot with tweaks of my own - Cheers

  9. I remember whispers of if you beat the projected expectations you move up results, did we just get moved up ?

  10. This is why I won’t dance unless it’s on the sentencing dates of these greedy criminals

  11. Not speaking to the how just to the person behind it . RC doesn’t seem like a person who forgets. May not act on it till the perfect time or place . For this reason I believe he and his group will have thought through every avenue, hiccup so that they can deliver us a gift while cutting the head off the snakes of WS .

  12. Massive hug for the entire family! Glad to hear your through the worst of it 🙏 Unfortunately I know with losing two boys myself how fragile life truly is .

  13. Never has a shareholder base been this strong . If we were Coke back in the day ? That’s ok RC is better anyway .

  14. Love these!!! So we’ll done ! In poker royal flush suited in hearts is top hand , on our poker table royal flush of diamond’s trumps all

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