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DD coming true! Swaps, Archegos, specific CS portfolio, all mentioned in recent UBS/CS conference call!!

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  1. We don't really know if the SEC really delayed the release, we only assumed it, right? So take the view from RC/GME's perspective: What if it was intended to be released that way but they needed reassurance from the SEC that it's legally right? I'm quite sure that GME's legal division wants to keep their releases air tight from every direction. I'm just speculating and I don't know if we will ever get to know the real reason behind the delay.

  2. You can connect the SSD to your Mac via the enclosure and use the macOS Recovery feature to reinstall the operating system on the SSD.

  3. Well yeah, wouldn't you? This will demolish their entire banking system.

  4. Didn’t someone from GME management say bad news early and good news on time or something like that? If it’s not early it must be good

  5. Wait, yesterday was bad news and the good news are yet to come? Holy shit, SHFs are so utterly fucked.

  6. They are Pandora’s Swaps: as long as you don’t look inside, they can be both good and bad simultaneously.

  7. Erwin Schrödinger joined the chat. With a cat.

  8. I'd assume the swaps will be rolled. But with the cost of GME being different now, and the interest rates being higher, it's unclear what the outcome will be. At the very least, whoever is going to deal with the swaps now is in a significantly more unfavorable position.

  9. But for the swaps to be rolled, they also need a counterparty. Wasn’t there something about CS not finding any counterparty to bite the bullet? (pun intended)

  10. Probably should have understood the swaps better before you purchased them

  11. Wasn’t there a guy painting banks on fire in front of the respective buildings? Prophecy foretold

  12. The could’ve transferred one GME share instead.

  13. Kinda sorta life pro tip from an insomniac, try not to sleep with anything on your bed other than bedding, it can make a surprisingly big difference to the quality of sleep you get

  14. What about my child then? Leave it somewhere else?

  15. Or that piece of exercise equipment that hasn't been used for exercise in 5 years.

  16. Oh boy, that hit me hard lol We call the treadmill our extra clothing rack

  17. „Person making the most money is likely the prime suspect“

  18. As RC posts backwards, that would mean a rich person gets to jail? Like Mayoboy?

  19. It should be C35, so this Friday, Feb 24 could be interesting.

  20. I got that reference! It’s hilarious! 🧽 ⭐️

  21. Hab dort gestern den Antrag auf Selbstversicherung gestellt. Wird wohl eher nix 🫠

  22. Ich weiß ned, ob sich Coronaviren versöhnen lassen, nachdem wir sie mit dem Impfstoff erfolgreich bekämpft haben. Aber mal sehen

  23. Echt nur humorlose hier, bekommst zumindest ein Upvote von mir.

  24. Bissl Spaß muss halt sein :) Danke!

  25. Why is this meeting after MOASS? Cause you know it’s MOASS tomorrow

  26. Just get the ledger of all shareholders and post it here. And a banana please.

  27. bilder, spiegel, haken kannst halt in einer normalen wand mit nägeln befestigen. nur wird das im altbau ned halten, weshalb man da mitm schlagbohrer an meter reinbohren muss und einem immer noch die halbe wand entgegen kommt XD und ich glaub das is dann schon eher einer von den "überdurchschnittlichen" fällen.

  28. Ist ein Neubau, aber die Wohnzimmerwand ist ganz außen am Gebäude, sodass man gscheid rein bohren musste. Sind sechs Löcher, aber der Tipp mit Moltofil klingt gut. Gibts im Baumarkt?

  29. im so fckn curious already. is it normal btw that we have a contract about the price of the monthly rent, and then they increase it just like that? i know people who still pay the same amount they paid in ‘92…not WienerWohnung, but normal private rent…starts to be quite disgusting what the agencies are doing m…

  30. In general, rents are coupled to inflation. However, in Vienna it was planned to be decoupled for some time because of the surging energy prices. I'm not sure if that proposal was fruitful. Nonetheless, our rent rose significantly after moving in in 2017.

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