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  1. The idea of giant creatures living just under our feet’s waiting countless years to murder us all is way scarier than them just being from another planet

  2. The Snake people still win, though, since Stringbean is a SNAKEshifter.

  3. I can see that, I even see the horns, the only thing is that wouldn’t his dad be huge?

  4. I think it's a spiritual representation of King's dad. Like part of his soul in the In-between realm.

  5. They’d say if it was canceled but it may have been delayed

  6. I apologize, I'm being a little snarky with you mate.

  7. I wonder what series of events this could possibly be talking about

  8. I know. I don't get why so many people want to catch up on media by having someone else summarize it for them. Just watch it yourself. Experience the story the way it's supposed to be experienced.

  9. Cause I want to watch the finale without watching the rest of the show which has been said to be bad smartass

  10. My favorite ship has gotta be either Lumity’s girlfriend or huntily

  11. I feel like Christmas Story Christmas was the PERFECT sequel. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t love the first Christmas Story and had some problems with it. The main one was that the goal Ralphie was trying to reach was just “get an air rifle for Christmas' ' and I didn’t feel like that was a solid enough plot to warrant a whole movie, heck, half of the movie is basically unrelated to the plot.

  12. I don’t know about trust but the people who would do it would be Flash, Mario, Sonic, homelander would do it but he’d just do it to boost his ego and it’d probably go horribly wrong, Spider-Man if he was able to get to the entire world, Deadpool, and iron man

  13. Just a reminder that any of the other matchups, for better or worse, can still happen later on

  14. This was probably among us vs fall guys last chance at becoming real cause it’s irrelevant now

  15. Why was she able to escape the ink studio using the end while Henry got trapped in a loop

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