1. Wherever they keep the good ramen. Nong Shim or GTFOH.

  2. That Zweet Inzanity has my interest piqued. That Terpinolene percentage is great, it has Durban Poison lineage and has me super curious.

  3. I saw a patient pissed off about having to wait literally only 7 minutes from check in to register today. Threatened to report the dispensary to the BoP and get it shut down etc. Like WTH.

  4. this is the way, highlight the specials, take out the hazardous ones, leave the horde to the flamer

  5. I'm pretty sure as a Sharpshooter I have had other Sharpshooter's shooters highlight on their ult and mine... I think. I might have been high. I mean I was definitely high, but I'm thinking if you both run the identical perk you will see the same set of highlighted targets.

  6. i believe gunners all see the same yellows even without perks

  7. Right on, thanks for the validation, comrade.

  8. I don’t understand either but apparently they can sell merch in Michigan but not Ohio but you can still order on their website to any state…

  9. Hell yeah. I was looking at the shop before XMAS and didn't see it. Got one ordered now.

  10. Bruh. Where did you get he weed elf tray?!?! I've only ever seen it on an IG post from Galenas MI.

  11. Guys guy, I’ve used literal pens as stems. With and without a rubber adapter. The longer the stem is the cooler the vapor is But it’s really no big deal

  12. I like your DIY attitude. Have the updoot.

  13. a whip and a bong, but I want one of those adapters that replaces the cooling unit and sits on the bong.

  14. POTV sells a waterpipe adapter that is just that. Cylindrical vinyl (maybe 3d printed) sleeve for a glass down tube. Comes with a screen. Other than the mighty being inverted it's not bad.

  15. I don't understand the appeal, personally. It's a two day supply and a one or two 12oz cans. I don't even know if I would care for the flavor. Why not buy a 220mg tincture and infuse your favorite beverage?

  16. Man, Klutch took a huge nose dive 🤷🏻‍♂️ At least we have plenty of other killer flower

  17. Obfuscation is bad for customer relations. They need to be transparent about their QC issues, not hide the test results.

  18. Initially I set it to 364°F, then I start hitting it periodically at around 300° or so. Once it vibrates at target temp I let it warm up for a few seconds, or until the vibrate and take a long draw. Tends to be the sweet spot for terpene activation and flavor. Then before it auto shuts off I bump it up to 370°-385° and keep it going at that temp until It tastes like popcorn then I'm done with that capsule. Mostly depends on the how moist or dry the flower is. I am a bit of hoarder so the humidity varies from jar to jar.

  19. Amplify (BR) and a few iheartjane thumbnails showed the Teal and Yellow at 8W and the Orange at 6.5W. It looks like almost everyone in NEO is out of stock right now so it's probably a CCell issue.

  20. I've seen them listed as "Teal" and "Yellow" 8W, and "Orange" (or sometimes "Red") at 6.5W. I have the orange and I love it, personally. Blood Orange Amethyst LR luster tastes phenomenal at that wattage.

  21. Thats such a myth, ud be able to tell if ur shit was laced. I just got sum flower off the BM from my one boy after only smoking dispo flower and the BM flower is better😂💀🤷‍♂️

  22. I have friends that work in the drug treatment field, they have patients who only use cannabis and will still consistently test positive for fentanyl. Most recovery specialists are not opposed to cannabis use, so they suggest that their patients get their cards to keep them safe. Whether it's being laced or there is cross contamination it's still present and still not safe. People on this sub will flip out on Klutch about mold content but will also suggest grey market or street weed because it's cheaper. I prefer a menu, testing, and safety over cheap.

  23. Just curious, how could you be sure they are only using cannabis, especially given the fact that they are in drug treatment (assuming recovering addicts)?

  24. Some people in recovery actually want to recover and stop using opioids, a lot are in recovery because they became addicted to prescribed painkillers. It is true that there are a lot of folks in recovery that are still using opioids but in my experience those that do don't care about cannabis or where they get it.

  25. Myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis strains, so yeah. Klutch also does some super high Terpinolene carts/pods as well. As for Tally Mon specifically, I loved the flower. Very calming and a nice banana nut bread aroma and flavor.

  26. I know this isn’t klutch, but one thing about klutch luster pods, the labels may confuse as they are not listed as mg/g they are just mg in the 840mg cart.

  27. 12.63% terps is crazy AF. But yes, you are right.

  28. Durban Poison from The Solid/Standard Wellness is super terpinolene-y.

  29. Big Warhammer 40K vibes. Almost looks like a Lucius pattern Helbore, but with a solid slug cylinder? Emprah' protect us.

  30. Hi there, I know it has been a while. But, have you ever found a fix for this issue? I am having exactly the issue.

  31. Yes actually. I ended up having to create a completely different User account in windows, install gamepass, sign in, and install FH4 in a new directory. It was a huge PITA, but it was worth it to be able to play again, even if I lost ALL of my previous progress.

  32. That is the 8W Yellow. The Teal Buckeye and the Black Old Pal batteries are also 8W. The Orange has a dark blue ribbon and seal and the BR lettering is bright yellow, it runs at 6.5W.

  33. BoP says ALL cannabinoids need to be reported on the labels. A Klutch luster pod a while back listed a minute amount of (fraction of a percent IIRC) as it was detected in testing. Redditors freaked the fuck out about it like Klutch was cutting their concentrates with d8 (again, it was a teensy percentage). Delta 8 can happen as an accidental by-product. I believe that's how it was "discovered" in the first place. The idea that any processor would go out of their way to add Delta 8 as filler in a .84 pod is absurd. I'm certainly not defending Klutch, what with the mold issues and lack of transparency now that they have removed COAs from their flower, but the "Case of the Delta-8 Filler" is some tin foil hat level nonsense.

  34. Edibles work differently for everyone so keep that in mind. I know folks who get sketched out on 10mg gummies and others that will eat 100mg and never feel a thing. If they don't seem to work, try the nano-emulsified ones as they absorb faster and metabolize differently. It's a lot of trial and error, if I'm being honest.

  35. Akron, former auto repair place. Kent, house next to the courthouse. Cuyahoga Falls, former check cashing place. No judgement, just chuckling at the properties on Google Street View.

  36. Dave Yost and Mike DeWine (and every other OH republican) have all come out vocally against any further decriminalization/legitimizing/legalization beyond the reduction of severity of paraphernalia penalties. Anyone hoping for rec or decriminalization should put a pin in that for the next 4 years.

  37. That is very nice but I tried to give a lady a dollar at the register at Sunnyside Cincy and they were like "We appreciate the gesture but that's technically illegal and we could get in trouble if anyone wanted to be mean." I am guessing it could be considered paying for someone else's product? I don't want to ruin the moment or take away from that very kind gesture, just would hate to see anyone get in trouble. I doubt the customers would but if an employee is enemies with another employee I could see them being like "Hey pharmacy board, look at our cameras." I'll take the downvotes for harshing y'alls mellow now lol.

  38. You're absolutely right. No money changing hands, no phone calls asking what non-patients want, no "my wife loves these", "I can't wait to get home and smoke this" etc. More of the bureaucratic BS the BoP comes up with all in the name of preventing someone who isn't on the registry from getting high on purpose or accidentally.

  39. Then why are y’all paying 45+ tax and gas for a tenth of it? Lmao… there are plenty of better options out there than RC. Hell.. Galenas, Woodward and lighthouse sciences flower (can’t think of the name) are all better than RC and all cheaper. I have 5 dispensaries near me in one way or another and it’s the case for all of them.

  40. I mean you aren't wrong. The number of people in the program that just chase THC is really kinda sad, and Riviera Creek's stuff is purely THC-driven. Before Klutch started shitting the bed with their mold counts, Jealousy at 24% was significantly better (effects, nose, look, taste, terps) than Garlic Cookies at 34-37%.

  41. The terps I keep seeing on Riviera flower is right in line with most of the flower we get in this program, minus Certified because their terps are always on point. Garlic Cookies usually has the lowest terps I've seen for Riviera but all their other stuff has always been good. I know I'm gonna get downvoted because I think Riviera is one of the best cultivators we have but I don't care, too many people come onto Reddit to talk all this shit about Riviera that just isn't true..

  42. I think a lot of the hate generated for RC is because of their tendency to prioritize THC% over terps which, to be honest, is good business practice in this program. I think most dispo agents are tired of hearing "I need the highest THC flower you have" and it almost always being Garlic Cookies... I've had several 35% or higher strains whose effects were "stoned as shit for 35 minutes then I feel nothing or have a headache". I've also seen perfectly delightful flower strains relegated to extracts only because the THC "wasn't high enough" ...then disappearing completely.

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