1. I mean, you have no idea what those faster drivers are making, and they most likely are getting paid there full 10 hours regardless so they hustle.

  2. I don’t have a 10 he guarantee so for me there’s basically no point in finishing early unless I want to do 3+ rescues until they say I can go home 💀

  3. It’s oil from the slice of medium cheddar I put on it

  4. Next time, just put it on a dry pan on your stove. Just keep flipping it till both sides are toasted to your liking. Cut in half, if the center isn't hot enough for you, you can pop it the microwave to quickly heat the center. Being cut in half will help that go quicker, it shouldn't take much time

  5. No. I like the outside turning into a tortilla chip and stuffing it inside the burrito for excellent crunchrito

  6. Oops my body cam fell off my chest and bounced a street away

  7. I just flip off every ring camera I come across during my delivery.

  8. Doesn’t matter, she’s not the only girl in the world… keep swiping you’ll meet another chick just like her in a couple days

  9. She was speaking equal lengths previously we were talking whole paragraphs each.

  10. No, no no no. I'm just a flex driver and all too often an "envelope" is a box. Nah fam

  11. or when it say Customized Box, and it be in a mf bag

  12. Sent you a PM. I am very interested and very serious. Thank you very much!

  13. Can you change my way of thinking? I will be putting wear and tear on my own vehicle, paying my own gas, adding mileage, and not having the benefit of just stopping in the street with hazards on (this I’d prolly still do). Is there anything that people do to mitigate this? If so I’d def do flex as I have a big crown Victoria lol

  14. You need another dsp. Yours sucks.

  15. After finishing my routes early at 5pm (load up at 10:20), and have to do a 40 package rescue each time after. Even if the dude is almost done with his route and I get his last packages Lmaoo.

  16. how about no gang signs in your pics lmao, also you give off fuckboy who just wants to smoke and fuck vibes

  17. That’s basically all I’m ther for and it’s so far been good for getting those girls that are too. I’ve gotten 50 matches this week and 5 hookups. But I’d like to stop and settle down

  18. It’s not good, my dude. What about any of this do you think would attract someone?

  19. Yeah the issue with the pics would be in pretty lonely don’t have any pics with other people or dojng activities. I’ve always done everything I do by myself so harder to get those but I will make an effort and even set up a tripod if I must haha

  20. Air fryer to crisp then microwave to heat the rest of the insides

  21. Up and leaving your best friends who made you and you made them. Not scummy at all. Copyrighting songs they made together isn't scummy at all either.

  22. It was a matter of them not respecting his decision to take a break, which if they are close friends and can’t respect that decision of their homie, then I would just break ties altogether. Hydra and Tenn weren’t respecting of his decision to take a break, so just left altogether. It’s disrespectful to not let one of the most established members of your group to take a break and be with family. Baker doesn’t need them anyways, and that’s why they’re still mad, because they need him.

  23. There’s a dude qonran that has songs with Baker & Undead Ronin. Kinda cool

  24. Idk I've been at taco bell about four years, this isn't that stupid of a request by comparison, not by a longshot lol

  25. So employees must not like when I order my 2 5 layer beef burritos grilled, onions, add truffle sauce, remove thee layer of cheese, keep shell awwy

  26. I have a cart too, I do agree with this guy though. I keep my cart for when I’m doing shrooms or acid I like to hit it to take it up a notch for a few minutes. But the real crystal, usually a powder, is so much better. I’m sure you have a dab rig, right? If you ever get some powder dmt do a cold start, put about 200-250mg powder on the nail then heat it up slowly until it melts and vaporizes then carb cap it and rip it. 3 deep inhales, hold for about 10 seconds each. You’ll be in another universe before you let out the third. Don’t do it alone, you might drop your rig

  27. I feel like DMT Cart works for some people. I like to microdose DMT and control my intake and the level of my trip. It’s a great enhancement to listening to music or creating. I have broke through, but much prefer to do microdose throughout the day.

  28. the sesh community on VK is lit af and way more active on here. seems like 100k+ interactions each post there, check it out. russian site though

  29. Check out my track: ZeroCashValue - PHONK METAL

  30. I don’t see anything listed that contains a psychedelic like psilocybin mushrooms. But perhaps they’re not allowed to list it and it’s labeled as Alchemy? 🤔

  31. I bought in Californiabbdont think legal here yet. The seller sells shrooms too so I figured these would be legit if he offers all the other stuf too

  32. I can almost guarantee this guy looked guilty as fuck

  33. They smelled my urine, found out later because the supervisor told me it’s maybe cus I reeked of weed somehow…

  34. Just took with Labcorp , they smelled my qf and made me retake it due to the smell

  35. Maybe in a house that’s got electricity ran through it. This house is dead. No power what so ever. It’s an older Victorian house that was moved to the Sutro tunnels property. It now just sits in the mountains of Nevada Reno area

  36. Doesn’t the phone/camera you’re using to recordhave electricty? 🤨🤔🤔

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