1. 100% hard agree. I am an American who grew up overseas and can confirm Americucks cry so hard about cultural appropriation and defending a race/culture that isn’t even their own. In the country I grew up in, if a white man were to wear their traditional dress it would be a sign of respect and the locals would either give a supportive laugh or a thumbs up. Obviously if you were acting like an uncultured dickhead while wearing the traditional dress, it would make the situation a little worse, but other than that just wearing it is fine

  2. Lmaooooo I agree, the episode did harp on their relationship a little too long, but this comment made me laugh my ass off

  3. Waoaoooowwww, country wit mos guhn also hav most skool shooting?!?!? 😳🤯🤯😱🫣😰

  4. If you use poly juice potion you can change your sex in Harry pooper. ebic gaymer moanment 😳

  5. No the post is actually correct. Your whining and tantrums have really put the game on the map. Fighting fire with fire isn’t a good strategy, and this sub is doing exactly that. I am against JK Rowling as well, and the horrible things she’s said, but this ain’t it chief. So give yourselves a pat on the back, because through your petty actions more people have expecto pre ordo’d the game

  6. This is always such an insane take because Harry Potter is literally one of the largest media franchises in the world so like, the game was already destined to be popular.

  7. Idk, I haven’t seen anything on Reddit about hogwarts legacy other than this sub whining about it and the commotion this sub has caused. Other subs post GCJ whining about this and make fun of you guys for it. That is genuinely the only time I have ever seen this game be talked about on my Reddit feed

  8. This sub has become venomous. Ever heard of not fighting fire w fire? Y’all are making it worse for yourselves and seeing the whining and the tantrums is really sad. There’s got to be a better way to oppose the purchase of this game, but this ain’t it chief

  9. Lmao I wish we were circlejerking, there are so many people genuinely whining on here. Can we at least do a little trolling? Or complain in a way that has more depth? Idk, this sub has just turned into a bird of paradise echo chamber

  10. Shut the fuck up, please just shut the fuck up

  11. POV: you’re scrolling on Reddit and stare into the echo chamber

  12. Anything except aesthetics. Let’s cut out cancer causing genes, autism, Down syndrome, organ defects etc, but we don’t need to be worrying about what eye color our kids will have

  13. Hahaha stupid fucking Americans and their filthy shit smearing toilet paper. You filthy fucking animals need to use a bidet of some kind. Every time I return to this sisterfucking shithole I’m always appalled at the fact that I just have to “wipe” my asshole with some tissue. Let me ask you, If shit was flung onto your face, would a simple napkin wipe suffice or would you wash your face off with water too? Dumb fucking filthy Americans

  14. Hijab not enough ya? Harus pakai itu juga? If Sharia law spreads in Indonesia, it is doomed

  15. Jfc, are you a skillet degreaser? Just say you’re gender fluid

  16. Oh my god shut the fuck up, please just shut the fuck up

  17. Clockwork orange yourself to Velma for 72 hours

  18. I’m not anti lgbtq but I will say I was annoyed with how much time they spent showing their relationship. I don’t think it had much to do with the plot and even as a world building episode, it was dragged out too long. I wouldn’t have minded their relationship and the story behind it at all if it didn’t take up almost the entire hour. The kissing and sex scenes are fine, but to have like 3 or four was a little unnecessary. Just my personal take. Does anyone else feel this way (and isn’t a raging homophobe)?

  19. Because of you guys? Idk. I’m on this side of the fence, but some of y’all are just getting so venomous

  20. Good, promoting being a fat fuck is like promoting cigarettes. If they said “no smoking” on the ride, no one would bat an eye

  21. I might be wrong, but I think she actually has a skin condition that makes her skin look like the first pic. That’s why the makeup is so extensive (still not perfect tho)

  22. The dentist sauropods would be making a lot of money

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