1. He'd say,"What? Huh? Alright then" and chuckle to himself about it later while reading.

  2. The 50s were great. Well, if you ignore the sexism, racism, and cold war that is.

  3. Absolutely not. I personally disagree with the decision to do drugs at all, but it is an even worse idea to do them because another person told you to. Getting addicted to something because you were having a hard time in life is bad, but getting addicted because someone thought you should "just try it" would be extra shitty.

  4. White person here. Wake the F up people, the sun will only get more intense over the next few billion years. White skin needs to go so cancer doesn't damage the DNA of our species. Doesn't need to happen this generation or even the next or even the next, but it needs to happen eventually.Get some mixed babies going if you don't want your kids or grandkids dying of skin cancer.

  5. I feel like magicians red has a really good matchup against the part 6 crew.

  6. Any stand? Killer Queen or GER. Any stand he'd then be able to get rid of? Cheap trick or Bast

  7. I feel like he couldn't steal GER since GER is golden expieience+arrow, so pale snake would probably just get golden expirience since the arrow is a physical object.

  8. As others have said, if it's to know what the daughter is doing all the time that's an invasion of privacy. Yes the daughter could technically pay for it herself but given she is a college student that would be a much higher financial strain on her so it's still an adult using their authority to invade privacy.

  9. Probably stand behind my door with some sort of weapon, and then call the police. I don't have a very good place to hide so I've gotta try and fuck them up if they come in my room.

  10. So I've gotta ask, what size are you exactly so I can get a better grasp on what perspective this list is from

  11. Girth is the defining factor in masturbators. I am a little over 4.9 inches circumference.

  12. Thanks. Your lists are helping me out quite a bit with deciding on my first purchase and it looks like we're similar enough for theorist to be fairly accurate for me. : )

  13. Just dropped now and customs opened early for the holidays!

  14. Do they usually do something for Christmas as well? It seems I missed the custom orders by a few days

  15. Why do people rely so much on autosave? The save button is easy to access and use..

  16. Manually saving doesn't help much if the game suddenly crashes before you do it like it did for some.

  17. Cats, but in a funny, mostly harmless way. It’s part of their charm to me.

  18. If I'm in the same building as the loot and the person who called dibs is like 200m away I'm taking that shit. It makes zero sense that someone gets an item because they happened to click a button faster despite being super far away. Especially for something like a body shield which benefits everyone equally.

  19. How so? (BTW the Valk thing was a joke if that's what your all sour about)

  20. EVERY. AMERICAN. HAS. INSURANCE...... Stop buying into the nonsense. Hospitals literally cannot turn you away if you walk in without insurance...they HAVE to treat you.

  21. Firstly, not true. Also yeah they will save your life, but then they will start charging you a fuckton of money. Nobody (for the most part) thinks American hospitals will reject you, they'll just make you go broke if you aren't careful.

  22. Man I was hoping for an original punchline. Saw that coming from several mile away

  23. The number of people choosing to fuck themselves instead of fight is interesting.

  24. Well fighting would get us nowhere. If it's to the death then one will die and the other likely very injured given the even match.

  25. Not entirely accurate. Knights stopped being a thing in the 15th century, samurai in the 18th.

  26. Also not entirely accurate. There are people alive today who have been knighted, making them knights.

  27. Samurai are the most modern of them all so I would bet on them. And a ninja would have to use stealth which I assume wouldn't fit the situation.

  28. Going by who's most modern, there are still people who count as nights, so just give them some automatic gun and they win.

  29. To be fair, people can dislike someone's singing without being racist. Being part of a culture doesn't make something immune from criticism or just being disliked in general. I didn't see a lot of people insulting chinese culture or opera (though it could be because I mostly interact with genshin content only through reddit/youtube and not twitter or other websites).

  30. This is pretty much me. I don't really like yun jin's singing/Chinese opera, but it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a different culture, cause I don't like western opera either(obviously the two are pretty different but just for comparisons sake)

  31. Yeah I guess, but I don't remember any specific person getting targeted. Just a bunch of apps

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