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  1. I would have been impressed if you would have found it yesterday and posted it yesterday then we could have all bought calls and used our earnings to lock the float.

  2. Correct but this should apply not just to GME but in general life,critical thinking is essential.This was never going to be easy,they are the referee the rule makers and opposition,we are the resistance

  3. Now… if I could only get myself to believe this is true for the other battles I’m fighting. Hahaha. The community is the difference. That’s what makes this so dangerous to “them.”

  4. OP’s “FUD combat” comment is actually a reply to me talking about this very thing. Too many people here are drunk on the Superstonk narrative. It’s not FUD to note that the corrupt crony network of government and financial institutions can absolutely fuck investors over and that 7-digit share prices aren’t “inevitable” just because we all want them to be.

  5. Yes. It’s some dangerous cognitive dissonance to think “they are criminals” and “oh, but they’d never do THAaAT!”

  6. I don’t know and that’s what we need to figure out rather than running from scary things.


  8. Most of these folks are there because of pure unadulterated nepotism, peer pressure and conforming to a standard set by their own families. They were born into a white collar family with money, they got good grades, went to good schools and their family paid for their tickets along the way, they followed the "recipe". I grew up in an affluent town and saw this happen to many friends and folks I grew up with and know.

  9. Yes, I’m so glad someone said this. I’m guilty of doing it myself but we’ll be better off if we pay more attention to who we are working for and who/what we are pumping full of money. Then acting accordingly rather than rationalizing it away.

  10. The whole Squawk Box concept came from him hyping brokers at Merrill Lynch prior to CNBC & FNN. It was a morning conference call, everyone would patch in. He knew his stuff and how to spin it.

  11. I like to picture my Joe Kernen as a renegade journalist who used to be on the inside and was changed and now he stands with us in solidarity against the machine. Like with giant eagles wings and playing guitar for Rage Against the Machine, with like an angel band and I’m in the front row and I’m stuffed with tendies…

  12. As a dumb ape I don't understand things like opex, I just know how to keep buying and to DRS.

  13. This is the way if you believe in MOASS tomorrow and/or long-term growth of the stock. A change in your entry point over 10 days only matters if you plan on day trading/paper handing.

  14. yea why buy for 120 when you can buy for 145!

  15. I thought the same and I’m surprised I’m saying this now but here’s the thing:

  16. Nope, we are on the life rafts.

  17. Those guys drowned. This metaphor is bad

  18. "No fun" police on his post! Lol Dont make jokes ah bout a seerous essue now boi!

  19. Please let's not focus only on the guy's reaction, I think we should really listen to what he is explaining.

  20. I have watched and listened to it in its entirety at least a few times. It’s a great video and pretty much every word he says is significant. What specifically are you wanting people to really listen to or what do you think people aren’t understanding or are overlooking?

  21. What’s with all the judgey comments about you and the people who signed the card? Congrats!!

  22. Oh no… This person also gets excited for tax day, right?

  23. And right after I posted that comment, I noticed posts that I had upvoted were changed to downvotes. I did a search to see if anyone else noticed that and it seems to be happening elsewhere on Reddit.

  24. Oh I’ve totally seen that on my end as well. Literally re-scrolling and thinking “huh, I thought I upvoted that”. Looks like we need to build a new Reddit in the meta verse now too.

  25. I noticed this for the first time tonight. A search led me to this post.

  26. Oak Island crossover incoming. Under the mesa is a wormhole leading to Oak Island created by the Ark of the Covenant.

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