why I didn't get vaccinated

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  1. I wish he would take me. All I got was a scholarship to Slip'N'Fall school.

  2. Have your priest over for the night to discuss. Make ziti and a have a good chianti in the fridge.

  3. He seems to have confused the Younger Dryas asteroid/comet impact hypothesis with their having been advanced civilizations around at the same time it happened.

  4. I do believe we've worked it out, my dear friend! I watched episode 1 last night and funnily enough enjoyed it more than I expected (was into all this stuff a LONG time ago but haven't felt stimulated by it in years)...Probably only because I'd never heard of the location in Java(?) it was about.

  5. Many citizens of nations hold on to a hatred/dislike of another nation because of past actions.

  6. It could literally be anything. I lived in a place with a lady who lived above me a while back. It would constantly sound like she was throwing bowling balls and dropping them on the floor (my ceiling). I complained to the manager and the resident told them she was just chopping lettuce. That was not the sound of chopping lettuce. God knows what she was doing. Kept hearing it. Moved out.

  7. A relative of mine lived below some strange people who would (by the sound of it) start moving furniture around in the middle of the night. Every night this happened. Most odd.

  8. Wow what a nasty fucking bitch. That woman barely touched her. Jesus.

  9. So she was invited to a function in Baltimore and the Bratwurst Board didn't like it?

  10. Should have shown her Avebury. Nothing small and weak about that.

  11. No, I'm not a flatearther, and I'm amazed at how many people can't fathom that some longstanding scientific theories which everyone 'knows' are true are, in fact, complete nonsense, while others are just... true. It seems to be just too complicated a concept for most flatearthers and most non-flatearthers alike. The only way you could lump terrain theory and flat earth together is if you basically do know real research and critical thinking of your own and subsequently, either accept time-worn ideas without question, or reject them without question. Lazy 'thinking', in other words.

  12. Viroliegists are using electron cryotomography now, but it's the same bs, if more flashy to dazzle the credulous. Images of cellular debris emitted by starved and poisoned cell cultures aren't evidence of anything other than what they are. As for genomic sequencing, they assemble those so-called virus genomes out of short reads taken from their unpurified sample which contains RNA from all kinds of sources. These reads are chosen and arranged by software by matching then against another virtual genome, so it's all completely circular. If viruses existed, they'd be able to purify them from sample directly, and then sequence them directly instead of engaging in that fraud and self-deception. If you'd researched the arguments for and against the existence of viruses, you'd know all that and wouldn't ask such a basic question.

  13. Coming down vertically is only surprising to conspiracy theorists who haven't put much thought into it. Gravity pulls vertically and no part of the building is strong enough to push it horizontally by any significant amount compared to the width of the buildings.

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