1. You’d have to be an idiot to pay retail for a multiplayer-only game these days. If they can’t milk microtransactions in perpetuity it’ll die in a year or less and you have a useless icon on your interface or a coaster. Chances are you’d save money by getting it from GameFly.

  2. To this day, as a molecular and cell biologist, I can’t for the life of me understand how 98% of the scientists can agree global warming/change is real and the cause is excess CO2, something that which is essential for to sustain life via plant food and vegetation. We need it to live on this planet, not to mention it only comprises 0.038% of the air we breathe…

  3. It has been warmer on Earth; it has been colder. What hasn’t changed is that the response of the climate catastrophizers has always been the same. You are the excess that needs to be removed, or at least downgrade to a peasant lifestyle.

  4. To be clear the mock the wokeness. If you’ve heard Putin talking, he sees how corrosive wokeness is. Guy is willing to invade sovereign countries but is scared of wokeness/western culture.

  5. I mean, I’m scared of touching a spitting cobra or a block of uranium; not all fears are irrational.

  6. I’m assuming OP’s wife has a degree from someplace reputable, and isn’t like a tribal shaman from some backwater; do they just not evaluate that sort of thing?

  7. Europe does not allow any professionals to easily work in their country. Why should we? Or do you just want to be able to easily crush labor in this country by importing cheaper foreign nurses.

  8. Well, I’ve been on the down side of gatekeeping. After coming back from teaching abroad for four years, I was practically in the door for a TESOL job at the local community college. Then the hiring manager got the call, while I was doing the paperwork, that they couldn’t hire me because my master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages…did not qualify me to teach English to speakers of other languages. Even the hiring manager couldn’t figure that one out, nor could the teachers that evaluated me.

  9. It is very weird. It's mostly Flavor of the Week stories of the MC trying to live a boring normal life, but some anime-esque thing happens every ep and he has to do something to protect living his normal boring life.

  10. And funny enough, the returning LA dubs like Nagatoro and To Your Eternity are fine too. :P

  11. I don’t know how they figured that out, but I can guarantee you it involved government (ie, stolen) money.

  12. There were definitely police, Harry even became one in the end

  13. Fruit of Evolution II only has one dub episode up anyway. Are they just going to drop Ep 2 whenever it’s ready?

  14. I watched a few episodes of the first season and felt like I got the point. If the second season gets good reviews, I will be quite happy to revisit the series. Hopefully this isn't show #3,508 about horny people not getting laid.

  15. Well, since the male protagonist kills every living thing he touches, there’s a good reason for it.

  16. Yeah, I think "act of deliberate assassination" or "MURDER" fits better here. Guns don't commit violence and never have.

  17. Lighting tends to cause whatever it hits to explode.

  18. Why settle for exploding as a secondary effect though? Humans Are Space Megumin.

  19. That name makes it sound like it really needs a restroom, and possibly some meds.

  20. When you said “eliminated”, I thought the husband shot him. But yeah, dumbass kid deserved a smackdown.

  21. So it doesn’t stop you from doing the Enamorus quest on your file if you put one in there beforehand?

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