i'd rather be saved than my baby

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  1. I googled Sippiciano and according to Mapcarta it has 666 residents!

  2. We needed to find a funeral bond, will and some other key paperwork after a relative passed away, earlier this year. We had assumed that this would all be in order, as the relative was an orderly person and after an earlier health scare had had a ‘sort out’ which included giving immediate family members sealed envelopes, which the family believed contained the key papers.

  3. This scenario is part of the plot of the Forsyte saga. It’s set at the end of the Victorian era. Soames Forsyte takes a younger second wife with the objective of having a child, ideally a son. His wife does not love him but is happy to have security, and plans to take a lover when she can, discreetly. She becomes pregnant by her husband and it’s a surprisingly difficult delivery. The doctor says there’s a risk to the mother if he tries to save the child as well. Soames tells him he must try to save the child. The wife survives knowing, and can never un-know, that he tried to save the child at her expense. Soames has history - he ‘owns’ people, and raped his first wife (which wasn’t an offence at the time) simply because he could, and thought it would make her submit. Plot twist: the baby is a daughter, and Soames loves her, and is redeemed.

  4. The downside with east facing walls is that if you get overnight frost/snow on plants which aren’t quite as hardy, or which flower early in the year, they then get damaged when the morning sun hits the leaves/buds. Magnolias and camellias are particularly prone to damage, ditto Japanese maples. There are plenty of hardy things which would love that spot though. Things with an architectural shape like phormiums or good old cotoneaster horizontalis.

  5. I posted a How To for a bread maker, it’s the last post I made. The main issue you face with a more basic machine is rise times are extended if you don’t have a way to warm the rising dough. That’s assuming you have a separate ‘bake’ option. Switching the machine off and then on when you’re ready to bake It means you get a more complex taste from a longer rise, but if you live somewhere chilly you might not hit bake until the following day and it may take some trial and error to get into routine.

  6. I work in the vaccination programme in the UK. I just wanted to say that I support young people who want to have the vaccine, and I also support those who don’t! It’s not as clear cut an issue as many people pretend, unless a young person has a existing health condition that puts them at higher risk of harm from Covid.

  7. I work in the vaccination programme in the UK. I just wanted to say that I support young people who want to have the vaccine, and I also support those who don’t! It’s not as clear cut an issue as many people pretend, unless a young person has a existing health condition that puts them at higher risk of harm from Covid.

  8. I’ve been using YNAB since Quicken discontinued support for their UK version, so about 15 years now. I’ve grumbled about moving to YNAB3, YNAB4 and nYNAB, about the shift to SaaS, about losing/gaining/losing direct import due to changes in UK banking practice, and all the other changes including the reworking of monthly carry over and credit card budgeting.

  9. It’s not a handwritten diary, you can just create a page/spread for something you’re planning at the point you decide to do it, then use the index or threading to find it. Or sometimes I use a thin strip of washi tape for something I’m going to refer to frequently, the. it’s fairly easy to flick to it. I peel off the washi tape when I’ve moved on.

  10. You really need to lift dahlias over winter. We’re on the drier side of the country and despite having frosts, we can sometimes overwinter corms that naturally dry out like begonias. But dahlia tubers are so wet even when the top growth has died back over winter that with the extra cold and wet they just turn to mush. Plus even if they survive, you don’t gain much by leaving them in - if they are tempted to shoot by a warm spell in spring, the new growth will then be cut back by a late frost.

  11. I think that is magnesium deficiency, you would expect this to show in the older leaves because the plant will prioritise resources for the younger leaves closer to the sun. Garden varieties of climbing honeysuckle aren’t particularly fussy, but this is still a plant whose natural habitat is more towards alkaline soils. So it may be less able to extract what it needs from your soil, particularly if you’ve made it more acidic with bark mulch or peat.

  12. In a new garden, I would mulch with compost in the Autumn and then in the Spring go with something like Vitax Q4 which is a pelleted balanced feed with trace minerals. Once the soil has developed a good structure, you can switch to something less ‘chemically engineered’ like fish, blood and bone (which is sold as a powder) as a general feed in the Spring. A lot of the feeds that you are meant to spray on to short lived bedding plants (e.g. MiracleGro) are quite narrow in terms of nutrition, whereas for shrubs and climbers you’re playing a long game where you want to ensure they can access everything they need for healthy roots and aren’t rushing to make ‘soft’ growth.

  13. If you get bitten by an adder, which is about the most dangerous predator we have, you can go by ambulance to an NHS hospital’s A&E and they can have antidote rushed to them for your treatment and when you’re well again, it will cost you a thank you card and maybe a box of chocs for the ward.

  14. Petunia Dursley grew up with Lily going for 7 years to a school of magic...she attempted to go to the school herself...she obviously explained to Vernon what was in the other world...the fact that she didn't know the rule about magic use outside of school is just annoying. Lily would have known and shared with her family...cause those parents so proud of their witch would have wanted to see what their daughter was learning after she started school. Lily would of had to explain why she can't show them. Meaning Petunia would have known which means Vernon would have known which means none of their fear makes sense.

  15. Maybe Lily visited Snape in the holidays and Petunia continued to spy on them? Lily knows that Snape’s parents argue, she may have seen this first hand. In fact, as she couldn’t perform magic at home, maybe that’s more motivation for her to spend time at Snape’s? Petunia might think that their parents have asked Lily not to perform magic - after all it would make Petunia feel left out.

  16. If you were making a conscious decision to work close to the deadline, and not feeling any stress or anxiety about that decision, it would be fine. But the fact you are stressed/anxious/self-critical suggests you’re actually procrastinating and using an external factor - the deadline from authority figure - to then get you started and into a state of ‘flow’.

  17. Things I wouldn’t recommended - willow, poplar (get much too big, love water, love rooting into drains etc), cherries (shallow rooted, the ones that are columnar like Spire still have wide spreading, shallow roots), conifers (all broaden with age and rarely look good when you’ve had to trim them)

  18. Assume it’s Zantedeschia aethiopica, which is hardy, and you’re not somewhere very cold? If so, it seems like this summer/autumn has confused the plant. I would remove the dead leaves (try not to tear back into any live bits), mulch it with something that won’t get soggy, and if possible pull it into a drier/warmer spot. Most of the damage on premature new growth is from ice forming around the shoots when it’s frosty or snow part-melts then freezes hard.

  19. Thymus serpyllum. Looks lovely but don’t let it get in your block paving.

  20. This is so funny! Ian actively encouraging thyme (specific one unknown) to grow in the gaps between my patio slabs to try and break up the grey monotony and hide the ugly cheap slabs.

  21. UK calling - in 12 months petrol (what you call gas) has gone up from £1.06 to £1.31 a litre. Just did the conversion and I think that’s from $ 6.72 to $ 8.22 a gallon. But working from home means I’m spending next to nothing on commuting. I also don’t need to spend as much on workwear or lunches or coffees.

  22. Definitely recommend Project 333, which discusses how you need only 33 items to make a full wardrobe. The Curated Closet isn’t by the same author but is a wonderful complement to Project 333.

  23. Seconding Project333 - I’ve been doing it for several years now. Whenever I’ve mentioned it to people they’ve said they hadn’t noticed I rotated the same things other than thinking I had a ‘look’. I think you do have to be a bit ‘bland’ to make it work but that’s mainly because it’s easier to mix and match.

  24. The foliage looks pretty healthy on both, and as it’s Autumn it may simply be a variety that drops its leaves earlier than the yellow one. The white rose Iceberg is well know for this. However it could also be a sign that it’s had heat or drought stress at some point. Roses are a plant that appreciates a cool, deep root run.

  25. I wouldn’t say that’s been particularly well done, but I wouldn’t be too concerned. As others have said it’s probably on a shallow layer of soil and prone to drying out, but it’s got a little time to root before Spring. You really shouldn’t do anything so late in the year on newly laid turf, but by Easter it will be ready for a cut and you can feed it a few days after that and it will green up. If the landscaper is still about, then there are few joints that look like they could do with some soil trickling in but if not then that’s easy to do yourself after the first cut.

  26. Every time procrastination is mentioned, I look at replies and they’re all about developing time management skills. When actually the problem is more emotional, in my experience. We feel aversion to a task because we’re anxious, resentful, or simply tired. Sometimes we find a way to distract ourselves that generates more pleasant emotions, and sometimes we’re so stuck in the negative emotion that we’re incapacitated, which causes the emotions to spiral into self-loathing.

  27. Really interesting, thanks for posting. I’m in the UK but would expect to see see similar results if I used a branded flour versus a supermarket own-brand. I bet your BRM flour has a bit more gluten. In the UK we can buy white bread flour in two grades - ‘strong’ and ‘very strong’ (the latter often from Canada), the extra gluten in the very strong makes for a drier loaf, but one that holds its rise really well.

  28. The problem is booklet style - you might have to DIY or find a custom maker on Etsy.

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