1. Yo who keeps down voting the comments?!

  2. Haha wow, I just checked in to the post for the first time in a couple hours and thought the same thing.

  3. I also think it’s because the video got assigned as a YouTube Kids video so they couldn’t save.

  4. Nope, it was a simple mistake by my friend who doesn’t normally deal with YouTube. He’s asleep right now because he has two kids, but I let him know he should fix that and I’m sure he will when he wakes up.

  5. And we gave away a solid player away in Bey for him...

  6. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by Wiseman since he arrived and think he’s going to be a solid player in the NBA for years to come.

  7. Idk. Wiseman has played very poorly defensively, he can't rebound or pass, and he's been inefficient for a center. Bey isn't a great defender either, but he's shown some promise at that end in the past at least, and has been a solid contributor for Atlanta already. I think Bey has a much brighter future and present at this point. I'm not done on Weaver, but this was his worst move so far tied with the Bagley extension if we can't make a trade of it.

  8. Have you watched his games in Detroit? Not saying that in an accusatory way, but I've watched every single one. After seeing him for 10-15 games, I think all of the criticisms of Wiseman and his game were pretty unfair.

  9. In my mind he was more handsome now than in the 90s he was a big dork lol 😂 big Chad wanna be 90s than really calmed down lol was a bro 😎 😆

  10. So weird, yesterday, I hit the Matrix just be chance, then proceeded to watch the whole marathon without knowing any context or why anything was happening...

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