1. Forgive the dumb question, g19x? is this basically a g19 with a doublestack magwell?

  2. What's the benefit of the teardrop shape?

  3. Less overhang. Less cleanup. Easier installation. Perfect in combo with brassmelt/brass bushings

  4. What's the name for it on the seas. Having a hard time finding haha

  5. First fosscad related print. Dnl dd19.2 with fuzzy skin. Off to a good start

  6. What might one look for on the sea. Tried the dnl dd19.2. Couldn't find nada

  7. I second this. Is it deep in the sea or else where ? File name OP

  8. Need file? or tryna support some of my fosscad adventures

  9. Just ender stock bed for texture. Didn't like the glass bed way too smooth.

  10. Can look around online. Mlok slot covers. Or hmu on discord and I'll send file

  11. Please don’t buy a $30 Amazon red dot for it. Either go with iron sights or buy something decent like a Sig Romeo 5 or holosun

  12. Why not? Lol not stupid of it works and still hits MOA averages..

  13. Why not? Lol not stupid of it works and still hits MOA averages..

  14. Are those printed m lok snap in covers? Could probably make some decent money selling those on etsy lol

  15. Lookin sick man! I just copped my self a bunch of their new rolls my self. And maaan I'm diggin em. Got a Lil sparkle to them. And print amazing.

  16. Mine busted like that. Was gunna buy all metal one.. didn't. Busted out the locktite superglue gel and bam. 45 min later was printing again. I'm so impatient

  17. It’s not ‘bad’ per se, but you just know what you are getting with a $230 complete upper. I’ve replaced the BCG with a BRA and now it works wonderfully. I use the BCA as a backup BCG. I’ve sheered off the BCA’s bolt lugs several times, BCA replaced them at no charge.

  18. Oh yes of course. Lucky me got mine for 180. Get what ya pay for but from what I've seen they have gotten somewhat better. I'll check all that and get it running 100%

  19. I have a 16" fuck is it heavy. Very accurate from a bipod though.

  20. Building two more soon, one will be an 18" or 20" and another 7.5" the bigger ones shall be interesting. Not sure what caliber I want. 308 or bigger

  21. Yeee I got the same asuma blade! Dope builds really dig the colors on the mkII

  22. I need to reprint the blade but few % bigger. Doesn't fit my fingers haha but my lady carrys it for defence in case . Tell yah I wouldn't wanna be stabbed by that!

  23. Got it from a guy that designed it. You looking for it?

  24. Where in earth dud you get that plate frame? Homemade? I dig it man. Looks sturdy and sleek yet.

  25. Looks on par with any other, ubar, firebolt, hoffman.

  26. I have a chassis and receiver it is more of a pistol chassis but if you want to send me a message on the rocket chat I can give you more info.

  27. I cant remember where i found it.. i think i just searched around for 3d files on Glock charging handles

  28. Lmao, never a cobalt. Impala ltz 09 blacked out with ivory interior👌

  29. Thats is true i didnt look hard enough at the bolt/buffer area. Looks nice tho Diggin it

  30. How loud is firing just the primer? I am going to be testing my firing pin this week.

  31. Never tried a just primer shot just hopped to live fire

  32. Looks great to me. If it's running well then that's totally fine, by design the FGC-9 has a loose firing pin channel, which requires a little less precision when DIY-ing. So long as the primers are not blowing out of the case, a little bulging is fine.

  33. Thats what i figured after a few boxs of shootin it. Nothing else happend. Ran flawless.

  34. I dont know if its right place to ask this but what lower kit is used for fgc9?

  35. Billet feed ramp and ejector you say? Did you machine them or is there a place I could buy them? That would definitely be an upgrade

  36. Came from parts dispensed added to my kit. But i believe riptide rails made them

  37. Mines 65 and held great with no adhesives. Just pei sheet and good leveling.

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