What is the worst candy?

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  1. Do you think yaoi fans have to put up with this as well?

  2. Necco Wafers. Great Depression era candy. Sidewalk chalk mixed with sugar.

  3. This is my favorite, when they say "because science says so"... like it's because science explains it, just cause bible says so is your explanation doesn't mean that ours is science book says so, I actually literally remember how fossils are formed, I remember learning it in middle school and I bet lots of other people do because it's actually one of the topics that kids think are really fucking cool.

  4. It’s because that’s the logic they operate on, so they think everyone else must as well.

  5. They’re so proud of knowing basic biology. Like congrats, you can label the different parts of the cell. But ask them to know a bit more than -basic- biology and they lose their shit.

  6. I swear I’m not crazy I’m just thinkin’ my thoughts

  7. As you can plainly see, it does not.

  8. If I didn’t know it was a terf thing I would have assumed it was a prude pride flag based on the description

  9. “This guy had a barn full of puppies he was going to burn down. He had already burned down 4 others. So I broke his kneecaps with a baseball bat and saved the puppies”

  10. Don't make Raziel or Kain generic sexymen. They are fucked up monster boys and that's why they're hot. Raziel has gotten by just fine without a lower jaw so lets keep it that way. If you can get Michael Bell, fantastic. But, the man is 84 years old. If he doesn't have it in him anymore, the earth must be scoured for a voice of equal parts liquid velvet and gravel.

  11. But it’s those whacky SJW’s trying to take away the boobies!

  12. "We definitely have enough people to overthrow this bitch."

  13. The thing that gets me the most is they all expected to go home. Like, eventually they just filed out and went about their days. Got back in their cars, boarded their planes, and thought life was going to get better from then on. They weren’t just mad the feds came knocking, they were -surprised-.

  14. Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions

  15. I don’t think there’s ever been a confirmed case of FATAL being played. Not even as a joke. It’s not just some weird sex fantasy, it’s an unplayably bad system.

  16. Wait until you learn what happens if you’re a farmer who’s neighbor is using crops with copyrighted genes and a breeze blows pollen from their field to yours.

  17. Feed her salads. Bitch loves her some salads

  18. No really you guys Nenio is true neutral! Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

  19. Could be worse. Could be “the boat is completely normal and safe. Please, go near the boat.”

  20. Congrats you’ve named all of them in a single image.

  21. I have a job. A good job, actually. 20 bucks an hour. Still live in mom and dads basement.

  22. My psychiatrist actually told me “well it sound like you’re dependent on adderall” like no shit, 20 mg a day for 15 years and I’m better for it.

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